NYNY Tanya – Day 11

I woke up in back pain. I strained my back. Great.  Doing crunches, I hurt my back. Not regular crunches before people think I’m an old fart but the ones that you lay flat on the floor with your hands above your head and you bring your hands and feet off the ground to kinda meet in the middle. Well I kinda have a big butt which does not allow my back to lay flat on the floor so…I strained my back. WTH. So I went through the day trying not to hunch over but it hurt.

Besides my back pain…it’s St. Patrick’s Day my favorite holiday. BUT I cannot drink green beer or whiskey, go to a bar and sing folk songs and river dance with my family. Oh how I’m missing those wonderful things. But I do have will power. I am at home after my pain driven workout at the gym. I did the elliptical for 20 min, the bike for 20 min and the treadmill for 10. I could not sprint like I wanted to it was hurting my back a lot. So I spent 20 minutes in the sauna stretching and sweating. If the night could have ended with a green beer it would have been grand.

After the workout, I went to look for a couch. It felt good that I did something  for myself. My decorator told me that I was getting smaller. Why do people say that? I mean it’s nice and all but it would be even nicer if he told me I still looked fat. lol I mean, stay with me on this one…If people told you when they knew you were trying to loose weight that you looked fat, wouldn’t that make you work twice as hard? All the great compliments 11 days in makes you wanna say… o.k., it’s OK if I eat this small piece of cake. I wish people would just say sometimes, hey your ass is still big, those arms are still flapping in the wind or even that cellulite isn’t looking as bumpy as usual. lol I know it sounds wrong BUT…I feel it would help in the long run.

So I decided to take this wheat grass powder and put it in this distilled water that turned green and pretend it’s a green beer.  Cheers!!

Cococpts organic dark cocoa, cordyceps and reishi drink
(it’s a mushroom and raw cocoa drink mix that gives you natural energy and helps with the immune system and heart. Use instead of coffee)

Raw Sunflower Seeds

Yellow Bell Pepper w/ raw dressing

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Gym – 20min Elliptical, 20min Bike, 10min Treadmill, 20min Sauna



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