NYNY Tanya – Day 16

I realized why my focus was off. My grandfather is in his transitional stage. He lived a full life though, 95 beautiful years and accomplished so much. I have mixed feelings about this. Although I don’t feel as I did when my father past, probably because it was my first experience with a close death, I do feel sad. My grandfather was the patriarch of our family. So as I went through today, I did feel the urge to have a glass of wine and to eat some comfort food but I didn’t. I know that is one of my healing mechanisms that I am trying to get rid of.

My grandfather always told us of his life being raised on a farm. Of milking cows, growing crops, and how changes when you move from a small town in Georgia to a big city like New York. Sometimes I wish live was as simple as it use to be. When food was fresh and organic was not a word used because all crops were that. Where people actually talked to each other or wrote letters which is now considered snail mail. Although technology has prevailed and us as a whole have gotten lazier and being obese is the norm, I want to go back to the older ways of living when you sat at a table as a family and dined and talking to each other helped the food digest and the hunger stop, when food was prepared that day with fresh fare where vegetables and were the staple of any meal, then it was a starch and a small piece of meat. Where everything and also people weren’t so instant and processed.

If I have learned anything from my grandfather it is this, it is the small things that count and repetition is key. Dinner in his house was always served at 5pm, we ate at the dinner table and talked or sometimes watched television and family is always important. My grandfather was not a sick man in his older years. He did not acquire an illness until his 90’s. To live through decades and to have seen what he has inspires me not to waste my life on the small things. To push to find that greater balance between health and happiness.

Sorry for venting. This is a blog about my progress and I felt the need to share.

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