NYNY Tanya – Day 17

So did a lot of soul searching today…I’m cool now. My day was pretty good. People keep telling me I’m getting smaller but I don’t see it. I stand in the mirror naked like most people do and try the side view…still looks the same to me, then I try the front view…the same to me. I even try the other side jut to make sure I wasn’t wrong the first time…nope still the same. Maybe I need a new mirror lol. I remember when my friend was opening a clothing boutique she shopped at a few stores for the perfect mirror. I didn’t understand then but I do now. All mirrors are different. Some make you look fat, some make you look skinny, some make you look elongated, and others well they make you look short and fat. The perfect mirror is hard to come by. It takes searching through tons and tons of mirrors to find your perfect one. I guess Target doesn’t have perfect mirrors lol.

I felt like something warm today so I went off the diet a little and had some vegetable broth. I added fresh carrots, broccoli and peppers to it. I only warmed up the broth (with no added sodium or chemicals) and placed the veggies in there raw. It was better than eating rice to me. Rice is a little to heavy. I finished out the day at the gym and went home and passed out. I had work to do but…Sleep beat me to the punch.


Yellow Bell peppers

Guacamole w/ Celery Sticks

Small salad

Gym Workout



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