NYNY Tanya – Day 19

Yeah it’s Friday! Today went by fast. I had a lot of work to do and I completed almost all of it. I wasn’t foggy all day which to me was great. But…I was sore as hell from all the workouts this week and walking up and down the stairs at work really was painful lol. That good pain. :) I worked out at the gym again today. Monday I’m back with my trainer and we will see if I have any progress this week with losing at least a pound.

I don’t have really much planned for the weekend so tonight I will just wash all the sweat of the week out of my hair and just relax. Watch a movie and go to bed early. Dating is sometimes hard if the person is not into what you’re into and I don’t feel like being pressured to eat or drink anything bad while hanging out with the girls. I’m staying on track.

2 Banana

Orange Bell pepper
Raw Sunflower Seeds

Spinach Salad with Red bellpeper, Persian cucumbers, snow peas

Small Salad w/ jalapenos and tomatoes

Gym Workout



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