NYNY Tanya – Day 26

So my trainer kicked my butt again. I have so much fun in that hour that it flies by. I love the fact we don’t do the same routine twice. He is always positive and never makes me feel like I suck. I know at times I am uncoordinated and can’t do some things correctly but he always has positive advice on how to correct myself. We do a lot of stuff that I could do at home so I am going to start on my weekends trying to do some of the exercises we preform. This is a great experience for me. Exercise never really felt like fun unless it was basketball or something competitive. Drew is the best and I encourage you to find a trainer or a workout partner that gives you positive reinforcements.

Cereal with almonds

Sunflower Seeds, Cashews

Vegan Slow Cooker Chili

Organic Brown Rice w/ Indian Curry Sauce and Vegetables

Training Session



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