NYNY Tanya – Day 29

I started my second cleanse to day which was the Respiratory Cleanse. It went pretty well today. I didn’t really notice a difference today but I rarely do on the first few days. I went to the trainer today and didn’t really have to much problems breathing. He says I’m doing better than I was when we first started.

My skin has been so dry lately that today I drank an extra gallon of water throughout the day because I felt I may be a little dehydrated. I think I am going to invest in a shower water filter. I know most of them do not filter out fluoride but all the other toxins may help. I would like to get a alkaline machine or a reverse osmosis machine for my whole apartment but finances do not allow me to at this time. Maybe this will stop me from being extremely ashy lately. :)

Grapefruit slices

Dehydrated mango slices and cashews

Green leafy salad with Quinoa

Guacamole and Celery
Small spinach salad




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