NYNY Tanya – Day 30

Today I felt great. I had a great morning, work just sailed by. I went to the gym and did my intervals and didn’t have a problem breathing at all. I didn’t have to stop and I didn’t feel like my chest was tight at all. It was a great day! I have been doing this Cellulite Melter juicing recipe from Dan the Liferegenerator and I really think it has made a difference. I’ve seen most of my cellulite diminish in less time than it does when I just do the detox normally. I will post the video so you can see it yourself. It’s a nice tasting juice also. He even shows you the quickest way to cut the rinds of the citrus fruits. Can’t wait til tomorrow!!

Grapefruit slices

Raw fruit bar and cashews

Raw Kale Salad with cranberries

Cheezy Kelp Noodles

Gym Intervals



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