NYNY Tanya – Day 33

So I have been convincing my sister to do a detox. I think she is almost ready. I keep telling her the benefits and now she sees the weight loss I have achieved and she is considering it. She has been doing her research and reading the testimonials on the site and sees it does have health benefits. I would love for my other sister to do one but she’s not into giving up her meat. The women of my family are all bottom heavy or “pear shape” as they call it, and it is harder for us to loose the excess fat in our legs. I hope this can help my sister lose some weight and feel healthier which can help her stay on this path. I notice my friends who have done the detox stayed on a more veggie heavy diet than the ones that just talked about changing their diets.

As for me, my day was good. I went to the trainer and he tried to kill me like usual so I came home and took a nap before working. I always remember the diet is key to health as well as exercise and I am trying to stay on track.

Hemp Protein Shake

Sunflower Seeds and unsulfered Dried Mango slices

Veggie Burrito without cheese extra salsa

ABC Juice with Ginger




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