NYNY Tanya – Day 35

So I cheated today. I was doing so well. Got up went to the gym, had fresh juice from Bloom. Didn’t eat buttery popcorn at the movies, brought my water and a plum just in case I got hungry and after the movie, after shopping for clothing for a photoshoot with a friend, I had a veggie burrito. It wasn’t that bad but still…I can’t justify it while on my respiratory cleanse. The tortilla, white rice and canned jalapenos were not in the booklet but I didn’t get any chicken. I have to work on not being around people that are not encouraging. “What is one burrito going to matter?” should not be coming out of a good friends mouth. I have to do better and reevaluate the friendship house.

Hemp Protein Shake

ABC Juice with ginger and orange

Veggie Burrito with jalapenos

Hemp Protein Shake

Intervals at the Gym