NYNY Tanya – Day 49

So today my energy was still down. I met up with my sister to discuss the plan on leaving for NY. We met up at Native Foods in Culver City. It was a great lunch. I’m still not ok but its still kinda hard. I guess when I finally get around my mom who has been living in NY for the last 8 months, it might be different. I did not exersize today. I was not in the mood at all. I basically stayed on the couch all the rest of the day and night. I have been thinking a lot about my life and realizing, that at 30 I should have accomplished a lot more.

As I read this obituary of my grandfather and see that with all that he went through in Georgia growing up on a farm and the racism he endured, making it to the big city of NY and fighting in a war, becoming a police officer, fighting for equal rights for the elderly, taking a church in Long Island that had hardly any members and helping it to become a great neighborhood church makes me feel I have not put forth the effort to make a big enough impact on this world.

I know that everyone says this, in these types of times but I am determined to make my thirties more memorable for me and the people in my life at the least. I have to finish designing these funeral programs so have a great night.

Hemp Protein Shake

Sweet Potato Fries

Sesame Kale Macro Bowl

Air Popped Popcorn with Homemade Hot Sauce