NYNY Tanya – Day 5

Day 5 and I feel so much better. Muscles have stopped aching as much and I woke up extremely hungry. I had my apple cider vinegar as always and on the way to work I had an apple and 32 oz of water which filled me up. We were short 2 people at work so it was a little busier today than usual. I got a late lunch and went to this marvelous fresh Mexican food restaurant that makes guacamole from scratch. My trainer told me that I need to find more filling things to eat that will take longer to burn and had more fat in them so Avocados were great.

I got to Drew (my trainer) and we got to work. Only, I couldn’t go as hard as I did 2 days ago. It was very hard for me to catch my breath between exercises. I do have asthma, had it since I can remember. I spent my whole childhood with it swimming almost daily, played sports in high school with it, went to college with it and it has secretly been hiding here with me up until I turned 30. Asthma to me is something normal. I know no other way to breath or how it would feel to walk a flight of stairs without gasping for air.

It has been years since I used an inhaler from a doctor. I realized on day that the steroids in them were doing more harm than good. When I started to like the feeling of my heart beating faster, the small lightheaded feeling I got when I took those two long deep breaths of that addictive mist in, I realized it was a drug. I chose to stop on my own. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I cannot catch my breath and my throat feels like it’s closing up and I have to do something immediately. I have learned to drink hot black coffee, to use steam from a pot of hot water to loosen the inflammation or even cayenne in some hot water and not to panic, to control my breathing by taking long deep breaths. In all these years, I have not succumbed to being put back on an inhaler or even death. So I have been doing things right.

My trainer Drew has never dealt with someone who has my type of breathing problems. But he is working through them with me. We do so many different exercises that some are a strain on breathing and going straight into another set or exercise. I told him that the first two weeks of any workout regimen is taxing on my lungs. But they do get a little better.

After my workout, I had absolutely no energy left. I was trying to stay awake while driving home. I was so glad a few people cancelled for the dinner party because I had no energy to go through with it. So I ordered organic salad that had edible flowers from this wonderful restaurant called Bloom Cafe and a raw smoothie for me and called it a night.

2 Green Apples

Cococpts organic dark cocoa, cordyceps and reishi drink
(it’s a mushroom and raw cocoa drink mix that gives you natural energy and helps with the immune system and heart. Use instead of coffee)

Guacamole with celery sticks

Salad (Mesclun Mix, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, edible flowers and a raw cucumber vinaigrette)
Smoothie (Raw cacao, coconut water, agave)

Personal Training Session with Drew



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