NYNY Tanya – Day 6

While detoxing I never have consistent sleeping patterns, one day it’s an early retire the next I cant fall asleep at all. The last week is indeed the best week for sleep for me. What has changed this go round is the 6 day a week workout regimen I am on. 3 days trainer 2 days gym (cardio) and 1 day outdoor activity.

My outdoor activity today is hiking. I went to Runyon Canyon with some friends and we climbed the highest hill. As I watched the constant flush of people passing me up with no problems breathing, no panting, no small breaks to catch their breaths, I started to wonder what exactly had I been missing all my life. My sisters, they run half and full L.A. Marathons, can run on a treadmill on 5 for nearly 30 minutes straight and never have problems breathing. I can barely make it up 2 flights of stairs without gasping for air.

As I walked up that high hill paying attention to each breath I drew in and out, my heart beat speeding up and down I found that I have to retrain my body to breath. What a difficult task this will be but I have to to get through and over this Asthma. Down hill was no problem I can control that without any problem. It’s the exertion that gets me.

I finished out my day on the couch watching old classic movies eating some raw tiramisu. If you have never seen it, Imitation of Life is an excellent movie.


Juiced 3 carrots and 2 sweet potatoes

raw cashews

Smoothie from Bloom Cafe – beet, celery, apple, ginger and lemon

None (Slept through Dinner Time)

Hike up Runyon Canyon



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