NYNY Tanya – Day 8

Since I went shopping I had a lot of food to choose from for the day. I decided on grapefruit for breakfast and oh my god was it good. I did buy some fruit bars from Larbar. Delish!!! They are made from dates, raw cocoa and cashews. I never thought that this would be good.

My trainer had emergency personal business to attend to so I ended up working out with my boss. He is a beast. We were suppose to do 20 elliptical, 20 bike and 20 treadmill sprints BUT he took a phone call that lasted approximately 47.35 minutes while I was on the Elliptical. So….(if we all do the math) I ended up working out almost 2 hours. On the bike, he told me I shouldn’t go under 75 mph on a resistance of 5 on a random setting and my knee started killing me but I did it. Then on the treadmill we did 30 sec sprints (30 sec run 20 sec rest). Closer to the end, I became harder for me to breath and I couldn’t catch my breath. But I pushed through it. I am a trooper.

When I got home, I passed out. No dinner no Formula #6 or Charcoal. My body was ready to go to sleep.

Cococpts organic dark cocoa, cordyceps and reishi drink
(it’s a mushroom and raw cocoa drink mix that gives you natural energy and helps with the immune system and heart. Use instead of coffee)

Larabar – Mini Bar – Cashew Cookie, 1 bar

Whole Foods – Raw Kale Salad With Garlicky Dressing


47.5min on Elliptical machine, 20min Stationary Bike, 10min treadmill intervals (30 sec run on 7.2-7.5 and 30 sec rest)



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