OMG I Live In A House With So Much Jamaican Food

All this food is so tempting but I’m determined.

I’m not so much focused on losing weight but I would like to get my body on a healthy path and being more careful as to what I put in it. I realize I treat my car better than my body. I was shocked the other day at how quickly I had gained 40 lbs and I would like to stop this dead in its tracks!

So thanks Dherbs family, the Steve Harvey M.S., Ricky Smiley M.S. And all the folks on here who decided to take a healthier step to living life well and not existing in poor health! I am inspired; so while I do hope to lose 30lbs my ultimate goal is to get to a healthier state mentally and physically….Good luck to everyone including myself and congratulations on completing the hardest step — #day1. Yayyyyyyyy!