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Pain, Pain, Go Away

Kit Borkovec talks about her struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Hypothyroid trying to heal with the Full Body Cleanse.

Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 20

I’m still in California and can’t weigh myself (well, my daughter’s scale says I weigh more than I did when at home so I’ll wait for my own scale)! Tomorrow I will have finished the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse but will continue to eat lots of fruits and veggies, only whole grains, monounsaturated oils, lean proteins, no added salts or preservatives and lots of Dherbs supplements as needed.

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Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 18

Tonight I leave for California to visit my two wonderful daughters. I have food packed in my carry-on and plan to buy 100% juice to drink. My daughter’s boyfriend is taking us out to LA’s best raw food restaurant so it’s going to be a cinch. I am actually having fun. I enjoy my food so much and don’t even like to look at unhealthy food. Although I know that it would be easy to fall into old habits, I am committed to remembering how bad I used to feel and how great I feel…

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Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 14

Went to a spine specialist today.  He also told me the thigh spasm pain is “atypical” and probably not due to the seven herniated discs I have (even though there is some nerve impingement).  I’ve also seen two Rheumatologists, a chiropractor, two acupuncturists, two physical therapists, two primary care physicians, a neurologist, and an orthopedist.  I now have an appointment with an physiatrist for his opinion.  I’m just happy that the detox is working in so many ways.  I’ve had a few pains that only feel like needle pokes.  Yippee.  Wonder how I will feel by…

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Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 12

Back on track, fresh fruit and veggies make me feel so clean. Love them, love the detox, love my life! Weighed again, have now lost 113. Guess restaurant food slowed me up a little there too. Loving finding yummy raw foods at Sprouts, Whole Foods, & Sunflower. Thanks “Moms in the Raw”!!!! I am learning to crave new foods and hate the old stuff. It is so nice not to be woken up by those excruciating thigh pains. I need to be more grateful. I am so very, very happy. Those…

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Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 11

Cheated and ate out at a restaurant today. ? Was feeling overconfident. Wrong way to handle that!!! I felt a slight pain in my thigh today after having laid on that side (and probably also having eaten greasy, salty, and inflammatory foods). I think I might have been pinching a nerve at the hip when in the past, laying on it stopped the spasm. Restaurant food gave me a headache and made me feel sluggish.

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Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 9

Went to a spiritual healing service today. It was by a Catholic Priest from Rwanda who forgave the man responsible for the death of most of his family and his village. He had adopted the man’s children and put them through school.  He said forgiveness is imperative to healing. I went through my life and forgave everyone I could think of whom I held any bitterness, anger or resentment. He specifically told me that I had been healed of my thigh and other joint pain and that he knew doctors had not been able to…

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Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 6

Shoot, forgot to pack my Dherbs pill case in my lunch box. Guess I’ll play catch up when I get off. Weighed again, still holding at 10 pounds lost but that’s good. I wanted to do the cleanse exactly as the Dherbs booklet said but I ended up eating lots of cooked sweet potatoes, rice and steamed veggies today. I also added tofu. I felt good and it made me not so tired and weak as I had been feeling before the cleanse. I am sleeping so much better now. I used to wake up…

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Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 4

Hmmmm…thigh spasm has stopped for first time in three months. Could it be the healing detox? Daughter is right, going to the bathroom a lot now (the other kind). Feeling a little hungry, sleepy and weak, so went to whole foods and bought lots of stuff I really liked. Probably ate too many nuts and bananas! Otherwise, I feel sooooo great. Muscle & joint pain so much less. Can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. I am smiling all the time too.

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