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Pain, Pain Go Away with Kit B. Day 4

Hmmmm…thigh spasm has stopped for first time in three months. Could it be the healing detox? Daughter is right, going to the bathroom a lot now (the other kind). Feeling a little hungry, sleepy and weak, so went to whole foods and bought lots of stuff I really liked. Probably ate too many nuts and bananas! Otherwise, I feel sooooo great. Muscle & joint pain so much less. Can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. I am smiling all the time too.


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  • Q: I have a situation I think you maybe able to help me out with. Even before I completed the Full Body Cleanse and Anti-Viral Kit (because I had HSV) I was experiencing pain in my left testical and a jolting feeling in the prostate. It began about 3-4 months ago after I contracted an STD from an ex-girlfriend and before the Full Body Cleanse and Anti-Viral Cleanse (I'm not sure if it was a result of the std or from the excessive bike riding I do) The pain has diminished a lot from a few months back. However it's still occasional and I?ve noticed now that I'm in a relationship and sexually active again that I have an orgasm a loooot sooner than I did prior to those 3-4 months ago. Hours compared to minutes now. And once I do I feel a sensitive sensation (not pain) in the left testicle. I visited a Urologist a few months ago for testing and he did a ultra scan, test etc. and said he didn't see anything wrong. Can you recommend anything that would correct this and get me back to my normal Stallion like self (smile)? Thanks again and you're always in my prayers.


    The pain/sensation in the left testicle is conveying a message to you - REPAIR and REJUVENATE your sexual system. Read our article entitled TESTICULAR HEALTH.

    Try the Male Cleanse and/or Jackrabbit (3 capsules), Prostate Formula (3 capsules), Male Hormonal Formula (3 capsules), MSM Sulfur (3 capsules) and drink 1 cup of the Male Health tea every day. These formulas help to provide essential nutrients conducive to male sexual reproductive health.

    Also, you can use the Alpha Male Oil and massage your testicles with your hands 2-3 times a week to nourish, rejuvenate, and repair the testicles, prostate gland, and penis.

  • Q: I had recently been taking ibuprofen for joint pain and stopped after about 4 mos as I noticed it, or something else has caused my ankles and feet to swell preventing me from wearing my cowboy boots. I have taken a glucose tolerance test that showed I was breaking down sugar(s) properly. Is there anything you can recommend to reduce the swelling I'm experiencing?


    Try HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, JOINT FORMULA, MSM SULFUR, and ACID BUSTER formulas. Also, start soaking in hot water and 2 boxes of sea salt (daily).

  • Q: I wanted to know what you would suggest for muscle pain. I have pain in my neck and bicep, tightening in my wrist and sometimes my hand is cold. I had an mri that showed some mild degenerative changes to my cervical spine.


    For muscle pain, we recommend Joint Aid, and MSM Sulfur to help nourish and maintain muscles and nerves.

    Coldness in your extremities may be due to poor circulation for which we recommend Circulation Aid.

  • Q: My daughter has been having bone pain (I think it's due to growth spurts). I'm not sure what to give her to make her feel more comfortable. The pain sometimes keep her up at night. Last night I gave her some of the Children's Elixer, and Calcium Extract. Is there something else I can do?


    Give the child Headache and Pain Tea, and give the child MSM sulfur crystals in a glass of orange juice before bed each night.

    Products Links:
    Headaches Tea

  • Q: Hello. I was wondering if you could help me. In April of 2007 I contracted urethritis. I was treated with antibiotics and everything was fine. Then around 3 weeks later I was re-infected and treated again but this time the pain has not gone away. I have been on antibiotics for 4 months straight and I can not get rid of this. My body is run down and I am in constant pain. Some of my symptoms include weak or no erection, itching in my penis, lower abdomen pain, burning in the urethra, burning when urinating. My urologist can not help me and I don't know what to do. Taking the medication helps but if I get sexually aroused then all of the symptoms return. I'm lost but I know that I can fight this off. Can you help me with some insight as to what can help? Also recently I feel like the infection has spread to my anus(due to constant itching) and I have not been sexually active since all of this has started.


    I would recommend that you perform or Full Body Detox and fast. It will greatly help you


    Personally, I would not take the medication. It's creating your problem with yeast. Drugs cannot help you, only harm you.

    Also, while detoxing, take the Male Health tea to help restore optimum activity in that region!

    You will be alright after you do the necessary things! Stay positive! Healing is yours!

  • Q: For the last few months I have been bothererd with a dull-constant pain that seems like in both of my ovaries. My boyfriend and I had sex this past Thursday and Friday I noticed some spotting. (I have "NEVER EVER" spotted after having sex)Saturday morning, I was bleeding like it is time for my cycle. (For which was 2 weeks ago)I have some concerns of what may be going on down there. I am going to the DR. on Monday, but "I DO NOT WANT TO USE THEIR METHODS OF TREATMENT". I want to use natural cures. I am 36 years old; I have 1 daughter that is 15. My boyfriend and I will be marrying in the near future and he wants us to have a baby. What can I do to heal my reproductive organs naturally because I know that somethings wrong with them?


    Beloved, I urgently suggest you perform the Full Body DetoxFULL BODY DETOX kit followed by the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. Your body is talking to you telling you that you need to cleanse it with an emphasis placed on your reproductive system. You just need a cleansing followed by a change of diet. That's all! Read some of our free articles on our site for more information on female reproductive health.

  • Q: Dear Sir, I was told that you were going to be sending me an email about my situation. I've wrote you a few times giving you bits and pieces of information it seems. I was asking one of your representatives about surgery and from the information I gave him he seems to think that I didn't give you all the information that I should have. Well about 13 years ago a lump formed in my breast after my 4th child was born. For years it's just been there. In 2005, after a mammogram they found calcifications in my breast. They did a biopsy and it came back fine. Six months later they decided that they wanted to remove the lump and when they did they found a small tumor. Since then I've taken herbs and God completely healed me. Well after another six months the lump came back but I didn't want any more surgery so I looked up poultice in my "Back to Eden" book and found a poultice that I used. I mixed flax seed meal, yellow corn meal, and funnelgreek tea together and left the poultice on my breast overnight for three nights. My breast began to get sensitive so I stopped using it. About a week later I noticed that the ducted around my nipple was indented, soon after that my nipple itself went inward, then after that I noticed what I thought was another lump in my breast but over a short period of time the lump extended from my armpit to my nipple. Now that whole area is hard and red. I got an ultrasound done and it revealed that I have swelling and cystic form in my breast. They want to do a biopsy but I am against it from what happened last time. Now I have pain in my arm also and at night I can barely sleep. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do except maybe go ahead and let me cut my breast. I have started your Detox program and I know it's working on my body but I don't want if it's doing anything for my swollen tissue inside my breast. I have lost my concentration because I'm constantly reminded about my breast because of the pain. I am a full time student but I'm thinking about dropping out of my classes until this issue is resolved because I can't focus on anything but the pain right now. I went a different doctor on 10/27/08 and they did a cvc (whatever that is) looking for an infection inside my body. The test came back normal, but my scheduled ultrasound is not for another week and I've told them that I'm in pain and need something done now. But they said that's the first available time.


    It appears the pain is just too unbearable for you and as such you may have to give in to the surgery in order to get immediate but short term relief. I had a friend who experienced what you experienced and the pain was so unbearable she couldn't sleep. I felt for her and I feel for you. I think you must do what is necessary for elimination or reduction of pain first and foremost. The FULL BODY DETOX (FBD) is helping your swollen tissues, but it seems you mind is so distracted that you are in doubt mode and doubt is the subconscious will to fail. If you know you can't do what you need to do (naturally) to deal with this situation, do what you must for present day relief. You have free will here, Beloved! Please use FEMALE BREAST OIL and Drink FEMALE HEALTH TEA during your FBD.

  • Q: I have been anemic since my cycle started age 11. In the year 2001 I had the first tranfusion and found out that I had fibroids. At that time they were small. It took three years later to find out that you can shrink them and disolve them from a book called healing fibroids a natural cure. I have always been a heavy bleeder but in 2004 the bleeding got worse where i had to leave work to go to the emergency room. I got IV fliud and was told this is my normal period. I never had to go to the hospital because of bleeding too much. Any way in 2001 I was on the pill and taking iron 3* a day 325ml. Got off the pill because of the weight gain and was still bleeding hard due to everyday stress. 2006 I had two more transfusions with in 5 months of each other. All the doctors want to do is cut me. I refuse. After the last transfusion, I decided to get iron through IV. What a dissaster. The hospital gave me too many things at once. I was fine when I got home but, at 11pm I could not sleep too well. I began having heart palpitations. Rushed to the ER in such pain, I was in pain to stand up, in pain to sit down. I had to pace the floor and sit down and get back up again several times. The intense pain did not stop until I stood bent over my mother's lap for 10 mins. It stopped at 4:30am. Well they kept me for four days. Every test and xray done on me and they found nothing wrong with my heart. Good. But what on earth caused the pain. I have not been able to work for the past 3 years. Every time my cycle starts I lose a lot of blood, I am weak, I can't walk like a normal person and my heart is always pounding hard at every little movement I make. I blacked out in the shower in 2007. I am currently taking cold pressed wheat germ oil to put oxygen in my blood and to stop the pain in my chest. I look worn, my skin from head to toe is covered in scars, and I have no finger nails and my hair is greying all over. I am 36 and I am literally half dead. Can any of your products help me get me up off the couch and walking like a normal person again.


    Beloved, I recommend that you first perform the FULL BODY DETOX. After this kit, I recommend that you perform the FIBRIOD BUSTER CLEANSE AND REGIME. After this kit I recommend that you perform the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. After this kit, I recommend that you perform the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. While performing all these cleanses above, when drinking water make sure you add KHEMETIAN GOLD and OXY-DROPS to every glass of water you drink. In addition to performing these kits, please read our FREE articles and begin to properly educate yourself. There is healing from all that you suffer from!

  • Q: My daughter has been diagnosis with shingles, in your manual you suggest taking the anti-viral, blood and lymphatic, and the immune booster formulas, my question is will this help with the pain as she heals and should she first do the FBD or do both at the same time. She is at the point now that the doctors are suggesting steroids, having severe headaches on the right side of her head it feels like an electric shock and her body is sensitive to the touch. Needs help with the pain if she can't afford to get all three formulas which one of the three could she get now to help until she can get the other two? Being stressed really brings it on. I didn't see anything about shingles in your article that's why I'm writing.


    Opt for the NERVES FORMULA and HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA. More importantly, she should avoid stress at all costs.

  • Q: I suffer from joint pain in my shoulder, elbow, back and neck. I don’t know if it is arthritis or what. do you have a product for severe joint pain?


    Yes, I would recommend JOINT FORMULA, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, and ACID BUSTER formulas. Also, read our article on â€ARTHRITISâ€.

  • Q: Greetings! I have listened and been blessed with your wisdom many times while you've been on L.I.B. Radio. Thank you for all you do for so many! I am writing on behalf of my father. He is 80 years old and before now, he was EXTREMELY active (bowling, golfing, exercising, etc.). In early December he started suffering with severe leg pains. During his stay in the hospital, they finally found he had three bulging disks in his back that were referring this relentless pain to his leg. They gave him so many painkillers that the meds burned his esophagus and he was throwing up that dried blood. He stopped taking those meds and is in constant pain. He has been home from the hospital for about 6 weeks now. The steroids they have him on are supposed to bring down the inflammation, but they haven't. He saw an acupuncturist, but those treatments haven't helped. He has not slept more than two or so hours at night in all these weeks, as the pain is that unbearable. I am not sure what other info you might need, but any guidance you could offer would be so very appreciated. I thank you for your time and your help. I wish such blessings and peace to you and yours! Thank you for your kind words.


    In re your father, painkillers are not the way because they only mask the symptom (pain).

    First, get your father a magnetic bed pad for him to sleep on. Do a Goggle search on the Inter-Net to locate a magnet distributor. He needs to sleep on a magnet pad nightly. A magnetic back brace also wouldn't hurt. He could wear it daily during daylight hours.

    Order the Headache and Pain tea and give the tea 2-3 times per day.

    Also order the carbon (activated charcoal) and give him this each night (to help remove the pain killer residue that is eating up his nerves).

    If he can bathe still, put him in hot water with 2-3 boxes of sea salt each bath and let him soak for about 30-45 minutes.

    Perform the above for starters and keep us abreast.

  • Q: I'm having pain in my chest near my heart, its like little bubbles of pain and I'm afraid it may be serious. It's sporatic, I'm 37 year old female. Could you tell me what this could possibly be and if there's anything natural I can take for it? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Sounds like Angina Pectoris (heart pain)!


  • Q: My 84 year old mom, has hallucinations from pain medication. She still has them, even though she has stopped taking the pain medications. Have you any herbs to help?


    Give her activated charcoal (carbon) 2-3 times per week to rinse her body of the drugs that are causing the hallucinations.

    Product Links:
    Activated Charcoal

  • Q: I am not sure if I pulled a muscle cause I work with baggage at the airlines. And back pain and abdominal pain has been prevalent. and I hate my job have not been able to get the job I wanted and my mom keeps telling go back to college, but I want to get my degree in poetry. I probably need a new plan, I want to get married but the girl I love she is not that consciousness about her diet and I am a vegetarian. What does back pain denotes Mr. Djuethy. Thank you brother. and thank you very much cause I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being able low the prices on the herbs cause I purchase avidly. Thank you and god bless you from the universe.


    Beloved, it sounds like your back is against the wall with pressure from other people directing your life. Are you bending over backwards to try and please everybody? Pain is the absent of pleasure. Sounds like you are missing pleasure in your life.

  • Q: My daughter, age 16, stays constipated. When she finally goes normally it's around the time of her period. Majority of the time the bowel movement is sooooo LARGE it can't be released or extremly painful to do so. It's so big that my toilets often back up(I have new powerful flush system and it still backs up often). She cannot swallow pills...she gags! what do you recommend.


    Have her drink Dherbs BOWEL MOVER tea (1-2 cups) daily. She should drink prune juice too and start eating prunes and figs and just more fruit (peaces, plums, apples, etc) for more fiber.

  • Q: I had been having horrible pain in my abdominal area, I went to the doctor they did and ultra sound and found a small cyst on my left ovary. Now the pain has extended to my back. I'm going to order the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE when I get the dough...what can I get now to help with the pain and dissolve the cyst naturally. Thank you for your time. Peace


    The best thing you can do is CHANGE your diet and start eating healthy right now. Order FEMALE HEALTH TEA and begin with diet and drinking tea until you can obtain the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE and FULL BODY DETOX. There is help for you, Beloved!

  • Q: I am so impressed with your website and the level of great information you provide. The product list is very impressive as well. I have High Blood Pressure and have been on medication for a little over five years. I am 5'8" tall 167lbs. I'm in pretty good shape. I don't understand why I have HBP. I know I want to be off the meds. I feel really tired when I try to exercise. (I mean really tired) I notice there is constant congestion and post nasal drip. I'm usually going to the bathroom to urinate 4 or 5 times every night. So, I want to accomplish a couple of things. 1. I want my energy level back so that I can get back into the gym build my body again. 2. I want to get off these meds. I've been thinking about doing the FULL BODY DETOX but I read where some people were having real pain. I'm concerned that if the pain is too bad my blood pressure will go up.


    Thank you, Beloved! Glad you like the website! I would recommend that you first perform the FULL BODY DETOX (FBD). Drink ginseng tea too while detoxing! Consult with our "HERBAL CHART" for products to take for any diseases you may be dealing with. Again, begin the FBD right away to reclaim your health. The meds are only killing you slowly but surely. You can heal, Beloved!

  • Q: I am a beginner Holistic practitioner. My son who just turned 24 is addicted to pain medication. He started with Vicodin when he was 17 now he is taking OxyContn and Methadone. He said he is ready to get off now, because he sees how it is destroying his life. I know getting off of this type of medication is very hard on the person who will be Detoxing. I really don't want to put him in a in-house detox center, nor do we have the finances to do so. So, I want to have him come stay with me for however long it takes to get him detox. But I want to give him what he needs to lessen the healing crises, the headaches, the other pain that is associated with this type of withdraw. I am not quite sure what to do or where to start or if it is something I should do. I feel that I can help him. But I want to be sure of this. I am thinking this is something that might require a medical physician. Please let me know if it something that can be done at home. And if so, what herbs, supplements and whole foods I should have handy to assist him on his detox process. You expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    He needs the FULL BODY DETOX and should drink plenty of Licorice Root tea. He can detox at home. Let him bathe in 26-78 ounces of sea salt daily. Let him drink vegetable juice daily as well. Please schedule a health consultation so you can obtain more natural remedies for your son. $100 (for a consultation) is a lot cheaper than a detox center. Please consider!

  • Q: Hi I completed the FULL BODY DETOXlast week. I could have done better because I cheated a couple of times but I did lose 10 lbs and the type of cystitis I have (eosinophillic Cyctitis - which is caused by eosinophils in my bladder that have caused an ulcer type lesion in my bladder that will not heal) felt about 50% better. However, a couple of days after completing the full body detox all my symptoms came back, blood in the urine (from the lesion), pain (primarily for hours after I urinate, by the time the pain subdues its time to urinate again so it becomes a cycle of pain), along with infection type sypmtoms (cloudy urine, inability to hold). My primary question is, how long to do I have to wait to do the detox again? What else do you recommend that my help heal this issue that I have had for over 10 years. I was on antibiotics indefinately because they seemed to ward off bladder infection. Anything you can suggest would help. I thought if was on the detox program for a longer period of time I may heal.


    I would suggest performing the FULL BODY DETOX again RIGHT NOW! However, when you perform it this time around, please drink one or all of the following teas: Juniper Berry, Uva Ursi, and Cornsilk. You have an issue with your bladder. Drink bitter/unsweetened cranberry juice too during the cleanse. Drink vegetable juice (with celery, parsley, and asparagus). I am also going to recommend you take KHEMETIAN GOLD in every glass of water during the detox.

  • Q: I had bad pevic pain in my pregnancy. A condition called SPD where the pelvis becomes prepared too early for childbirth, resulting in constant pain. This includes the following, clicky hips, cant pick feet up moving and sitting, lying in pain. Could anything help this physical condition? I had two laroscopys to remove my endometriosis tissues, not sure if that was a cause to damage ligaments. I have cleared the endometriosis since seeing Diana Mossop, and her herbs and phytobiophysics remedies! Hated pregnancy as had sickness and nausea for three months then SPD, then plantar fascitiis. Could there be any prevention methods for this?


    Yes! Perform the Full Body Detox followed by the Total Woman Cleanse. Get your mind right! Please read our "Mental Science Manual" e-book. Highly recommended!

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    Total Woman Cleanse
    The Mental Science Manual