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Shanna Jones: First Day, New Goals

Day 8 (Horrible Weekend)

Wow, where do I begin! This weekend was the worst out of all the days that I have been cleansing. Let’s begin with Friday, which was day 5. I work evenings and I had a really hard time going to eat dinner and taking my capsules at the suggested times like I was supposed to (I work at a casino on weekends). Food temptation was everywhere, but I managed to steer clear of all of that. Saturday was the worst of all the days, though. Not only was I behind in taking my capsules, but I also went 8 hours without eating anything. What’s worse…

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Day 4

Day four was a little better and even though I feel sluggish, I’m doing ok. It’s still hard to fight that urge to eat anything but what I’m supposed to eat. I find myself going to my room when my children are eating. I know I will get bored with eating the same old food but I know it’ll all be worth it. I have lost 3 pounds since starting on Monday, so that’s a plus. I am now five days into this cleanse and it’s getting a little better everyday. What are some good exercises that I can do for…

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Day 3

Yesterday was a little better, but for some reason at the end of the day I felt so hungry and I’m so tempted to eat something other than what I’m supposed to eat. I did make this salad dressing that tasted great. I’ve lost two pounds so far, and I’m happy with that. I’ve been working out and my body hurts so bad, but I push myself to go to my trainer and workout. Is it ok for me to drink regular tap water because that distilled water is God awful and I love drinking water. Day 3 is ok, my sugar levels are…

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Day Two

Day one was so hard. I almost gave in and ate some regular food but I held out. My blood sugar is running really high, and I don’t know what to do if the only foods you can consume are fruits and veggies. they said in the manual to stop taking your meds but I’m going to have to take my insulin before my sugar levels get too high. I need some suggestions on what I can use as a salad dressing because that olive oil and lemon juice did not do the trick. At about 2 a.m., I had to…

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Day One

So last night I really couldn’t get any sleep because of all the anticipation of starting this cleanse. I am excited, scared, anxious and a list of other feelings that I am going through right now about this journey. I started my day with a smoothie, which tasted pretty good. I took the first set of pills and drank the distilled water, which tastes horrible. I packed my lunch and snacks, which were orange slices and carrot sticks. I made a homemade dressing for my salad that consisted of EVO (extra virgin olive oil) and lemon juice with some spices. It tasted ok,…

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