Day 8 (Horrible Weekend)

Wow, where do I begin! This weekend was the worst out of all the days that I have been cleansing. Let’s begin with Friday, which was day 5. I work evenings and I had a really hard time going to eat dinner and taking my capsules at the suggested times like I was supposed to (I work at a casino on weekends). Food temptation was everywhere, but I managed to steer clear of all of that.

Saturday was the worst of all the days, though. Not only was I behind in taking my capsules, but I also went 8 hours without eating anything. What’s worse is that earlier in the day a coworker brought me some piping hot Buffalo wings, which I told him I couldn’t eat but I would take them to my kids later. BIG MISTAKE! I had to play catch up taking my capsules and I was not satiated after finally being able eat a salad. When I got ready to leave I put those wings in my bag and it was all down from there. I sat in my office and ate about 6 of those wings with ranch dressing. They were cold at this point, but it didn’t matter because they tasted good! After I ate them I felt so guilty and I felt like I had failed my task.

I woke up Sunday morning and said that it was a new day and that I would resume the raw diet. I did great until that evening, when I was not satisfied after eating my salad. Since I felt hungry, I scrambled up some eggs and added shredded cheese to them and ate that. I didn’t feel as guilty as I did after I ate the wings. I thought the diet would get easier as I progressed through the cleanse, but that does not seem to be the case. On the plus side, I am 7 pounds down since starting, so that’s a huge win in my book. I would like to lose another 10 to 20 pounds by the time my cleanse is done. From this point on, I will be diligent in making sure that I do all that I need to do to stay the course and see these amazing results at the end. Y’all pray for me. Have a great Monday.

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