Day 17 of Full body Cleanse

Today my husband and I are on day 17 of 20. This journey has been incredible as I would never have gotten this far with my health without Dherbs. I am 36 and my hubby is 38, we have 8 children and I had a stroke in 2018 at the age of 33. I was about 180# at the time and felt fine with my body, since I was a mom. But I was told to lose the weight to be out of the danger of health issues. So, here I am at my 3 year stroke anniversary and FINALLY making an effort to ditch the pounds. I am at 143# now with the help of the cleanse and my waist is at 35″ which puts me officially out of the danger zone of health issues of belly fat, but I still need to keep going. I am only 5’2 and so a healthy weight is 115# so that is my goal. Eating the fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds was hard at times, but if you want something bad enough you will keep going and doing it! I am on a roll so I wont stop. I ordered the Weight release pills to do after this to keep me motivated for 20 more days and eat raw foods still. I am not even hungry. I have food freedom like no other! never would have thought I would be able to make food and not want to eat it. I am going to do this and keep going and I have Dherbs to thank for my weight loss. And my hubby for pressuring me into doing this together!

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