Getting over the hump

Do you know what food freedom is? Can you drive to town without stopping at a Drive Thru? Guess what, I never thought I would experience the joys of food freedom. But with the 20 day full body cleanse, it is helped me to stop running towards my comfort foods. We as moms get stuck in a rut, doing play dates that end with ice cream and burgers…but really, its not good for our kids or our bodies. The child obesity rate is SO high nowadays. Food is on every corner and we can access it so easily. We aren’t having to forge for food anymore. so we aren’t burning any calories from meal to meal. We just get in our cars and drive to a drive thru and go home and eat huge meals of what we think is yummy, but really by tomorrow we have gut rot and feel awful inside and out. Its easy to gain weight without even noticing it. But now, when I get hungry, I eat pistachios and I am full. I eat fruit that tastes amazing, since I am off sugar. And I appreciate the nutrients in each thing I consume and I am so mindful now. Each day, you have to be dedicated to try and just keep pushing your self. Don’t cheat, because you will loose weight only to gain a pound back from cheating. You have eaten these junk foods long enough. Let them go and don’t go back to them. You were once an addict, and now you have to count the days to victory. But you can do it. I am a mom of 8 kids with a huge new future in front of me. Lets grow old gracefully, it really is a real thing. Also, its been proven that if you lose 8# you will be more attractive to the opposite sex! Let 8# be your goal and then set a new goal. Stay away from soda, candy, junk, and the middle isles of stores. Keep it raw and keep it REAL!



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