Day 1 20 Day Cleanse

So I bought my 20 day cleanse about 4 weeks ago and I am ready to start. I like to read up really good and get prepared before I start anything and I am definitely ready to start. I take a lot of prescription meds: blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes, mood, pain pills, water pill and some vitamins. I would really like to get rid of a lot of these meds if not all. So I am starting with the 20 day cleanse to help rid the toxins but my main purpose is to release some weight. I think once I release the weight and have more energy, I can continue to lose more weight and eat better. Sticking to a diet or a better way of eating is really hard for me. So I am starting this blog to get feedback and motivation. So far since 6am I am on track. I am on my 4th glass of water and I had fruit for breakfast. I have snacked on some nuts that were all natural. For lunch I am having a salad with all raw vegetables in it with oil and vinegar dressing. Finding a salad dressing that tastes decent was hard.  Again – DAY 1…  Pray for me…:o