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Local Pick-Up

Dherbs Local Pick Up Terms & Conditions

1. Process Introduction

• Local pick-up is encouraged.

• Any of our items can be picked up from our Los Angeles warehouse.

• Products must be picked up no later than one week after being ordered.

• If you are unable to pick up your product within the given time frame, please contact us.

• When ordering items for pick up, they must either be called ordered over the phone, or online. If the itedm is ordered online, the "pick up" option must be selected if you would like to pick up your item.

• Exact change is required for any items designated for pick up as we do not carry cash.

• We do not accept checks or money orders for items designated for pick up. No exceptions will be made.

• No appointment is necessary, although we appreciate a phone call before you arrive so that we may prep your order. This is especially important for customers traveling a long distance.

• Due to insurance and company security regulations, we are not permitted to allow pedestrians into the warehouse portion of Dherbs.

• We handle support requests solely through the "contact us" form.

• Please understand when picking an item up that there may be a wait time while we gather your order. The wait time depends upon how many items are in your order, and the size of the product(s) ordered.

2. What do I need to bring?

• If applicable, exact change, if you choose to pay by cash (required).

• Photo ID is required if you're picking up your item for another person.

3. Operating hours

• Pick up is available at our warehouse office at the times listed below.

• Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM.

• We do not have evening or weekend hours.

• We are closed most major Holiday's.

4. Driving Directions

• Our address: 10755 Venice Boulevard, CA 90034 (The Selby Street entrance, is the only open accessible entrance. All customers MUST use the Selby Street entrance which is located at the side of our building (see MAP near the bottom of this page).

• Click [HERE] for turn by turn directions directions from your house to our building.

• When using the directions from the link above, you do not need to enter our address, it is already preset. The only input that you will need, is your street addres. We suggest that you print the Google Map sheet once it has calculated your route.

5. Helpful hints

• While driving on Selby Street, look for a sign posted on the door which read "DHERBS".

• Our warehouse and office complex features a brick exterior.

6. Maps & Pictures

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

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