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Dherbs Cleansers…A.D. Dolphin Wants To Meet You

A.D. Dolphin

Photo Credit: Tegan Kinane/NBC & Cristina Aguirre/NBC

That’s right Dherbs cleansers. This is your chance to meet the Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin. If you have cleansed or you’re currently cleansing, you could meet with A.D. He may be coming to your city! If you would like to meet A.D., please fill out the information below.

A.D. will visit 2 people per city at his or her work or home.* Your entire meeting with A.D. will be recorded and displayed on Dherbs’ social media profiles.

A.D. is in Chicago Dec 14 – Dec 18!

* Please read the terms and conditions to make sure you qualify.

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