Mission Statement

Dherbs.Com Mission Statement

I. At Dherbs.com our mission statement has multiple components. Dherbs.Com is primarily here to help assist people in reclaiming their birthright of vibrant and optimal health. Health does not come from an external source, one outside of the human body, but one from “within” the human body.

II. Our products alone cannot heal any disease, or cure any person. The human body, and mind can heal from diseases, when given the proper tools, and guidance to do so. Every person has an “inner” physician, or an inner intelligence that is naturally capable of repairing any damage done to the body. Our goal is to help facilitate the healing process, and help the “inner physician” do what comes naturally.

III. Our Mission at Dherbs.Com is also to help people return to nature. We recognize that nature supports all of the creatures that live on this earth.

IV. Our Mission is also to help people take responsibility for their own health.

Dherbs.Com — Experience Healing!

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