A.D. Dolphin Explains How To Get Summertime Fine On Page Six

A.D. Dolphin Explains How To Get Summertime Fine On Page Six

With the beginning of summer just around the corner, people are exercising, dieting, and doing anything they can to achieve a sexier, slimmer body. Often times, people cling to fad diets or jump on a certain health trend with the hopes of losing weight. How often do these people see results? Fortunately, A.D. Dolphin has a plan that has been proven to yield positive weight loss results.

A.D. Dolphin recently appeared on Page Six TV to discuss cleansing and how to become the healthiest version of yourself. Since Steve Harvey recently dubbed him “The King of Weight Loss,” many people are seeking answers from A.D. about celebrity diet programs. Do they work? Is there a better way to lose weight than doing a water fast? Rather than putting odd concoctions into the body, or bathing in clay from the high mountains of the Far East, it is much easier to take part in the Full Body Cleanse.

Working to rid the body of impurities and clean out every major bodily organ and system, the Full Body Cleanse allows you to hit the reset button on your health. During the 20-day cleansing period, you can expect to get rid of undigested waste and other toxins that have accumulated in the body. One of the primary benefits of the cleanse is weight loss–anywhere from 10-30 pounds in just 20 days.

There’s no better time than now to start your Full Body Cleanse. Summer is fast approaching and cleansing is the perfect way to get summertime fine. Watch the clip below for more information.