A.D. Dolphin Talks Health And Entrepreneurial Success With Kivo Daily

A.D. Dolphin Talks Health And Entrepreneurial Success With Kivo Daily

If you can take away one positive from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that people have taken a greater interest in their health. Eating healthy, boosting immune function, and maintaining overall wellness are all things that that are worth your investment. Because of this newfound interest in protecting personal and family health, A.D. Dolphin’s company, Dherbs Inc., has seen an influx of new customers during the pandemic. 

In an interview with Kivo Daily, A.D. Dolphin explained how Dherbs started and what ignited his passion for health. Before he dreamed of owning one of the leading online herbal supplement companies, he knew that he would always be an entrepreneur. He navigated the waters of real estate and music production, and experimented with other passions and endeavors. It was his own interest in personal health and passion for helping others that led him to create a holistic, natural business, which maintains the focus of helping people reclaim their health to this day.

Everyone Deserves To Be Healthy

Every single person has the opportunity to be healthy. Sometimes, it’s difficult to settle on the right plan that gets you there. When Dolphin developed the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse, which has been the company’s number one selling product for 14 years, he knew that peoples’ lives could change. A mere 20-day cleanse, the ultimate investment in the physical self, could truly transform a person’s health.

The cleanse itself is comprised of 100% plant-based products, even down to the capsules themselves. The supplements in the Full Body Cleanse contain herbs that work to cleanse and nourish the body’s major organs and systems. The raw vegan diet that accompanies the cleanse provides key vitamins and minerals, while also aiding with the cleansing process. Dolphin was his own success story after completing the cleanse, kicking a full-blown soda addiction. He felt better than ever before, more energized, and ready to write the new chapter of his healthier lifestyle. 

Dherbs In 2020 And Beyond

In the beginning of the pandemic, Dolphin explained to Kivo Daily that Dherbs saw a surprising influx of orders. He attributes this to Americans’ interest in taking more supplements and finding natural, alternative ways to be healthier. More and more people realize the importance of diet and how eating healthily can maintain immune function and reduce overall sluggishness. While it was easy to be negative and depressed in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dolphin did no such thing. In fact, he did the opposite, responding to the pandemic by creating a new product to help people during these strange times, The Immune Booster Kit. This kit contains a series of capsules that focus on supplying the body with herbs that enhance immune function. 

If you’re A.D. Dolphin, you’ll never stop creating and your quest for greatness will never end. 



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