AD Dolphin Discusses The Importance Of Spring Cleansing With SUAVV Magazine

AD Dolphin Discusses The Importance Of Spring Cleansing With SUAVV Magazine

The CEO of Dherbs Inc., A.D. Dolphin, recently sat down with SUAVV Magazine to discuss how doing the Full Body Cleanse can rid the body of excess waste and boost immune function. In a time when a strong immune system is extremely sought after, many people are in search of products that keep their bodies as healthy as possible. Quarantine eating habits and lack of exercise, though, are not assisting the immune system by any means. This is where cleansing comes into play.

The health of a high percentage of the world’s population has gone downhill, and that’s not solely attributed to the novel coronavirus. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, but so has poor eating habits and lack of exercise. In a time when people should be eating as healthy as possible, they are pigging out on unhealthy junk food. Not to mention, most people aren’t burning the calories they are eating because gyms and outdoor workout areas are closed.

In A.D.’s interview with SUAVV, he explains that external protection methods (social distancing, face masks, and hand washing) are beneficial, but a healthy body is the ultimate goal. The immune system is a person’s last line of defense against viruses, bacteria, or other organisms. The stronger the immune system is, the better chance it has at combatting whatever it encounters.

There’s No Better Time To Cleanse

A.D. addresses the fact that most people are concerned about restroom usage while cleansing. First off, he wants everyone to know that the Full Body Cleanse does not have you running to the bathroom; rather, you can expect one to three bowel movements a day, which is considered healthy and normal. Since everyone is at home, there is no need to worry about restroom habits. And the grocery stores have no shortage of fruits and vegetables! You don’t have to fight for canned foods on the raw vegan diet that accompanies the Full Body Cleanse, so you’re good there.

You Can Eat Food

When people hear the word “cleanse,” they immediately think that they have to fast for the entire time. A.D. wants to make it known that the Full Body Cleanse is not a fast. The diet is restricted in that you can only eat raw fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds, but there is no limit to the amount you can eat. As long as you adhere to the diet, you can eat as much as you like. And Dherbs does the heavy lifting for you because there are over 60 pages of cleanse-approved recipes on the website. You can view that section by clicking here.



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