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AD Dolphin Discusses The Importance Of Spring Cleansing With SUAVV Magazine

The CEO of Dherbs Inc., A.D. Dolphin, recently sat down with SUAVV Magazine to discuss how doing the Full Body Cleanse can rid the body of excess waste and boost immune function. In a time when a strong immune system is extremely sought after, many people are in search of products that keep their bodies as healthy as possible. Quarantine eating habits and lack of exercise, though, are not assisting the immune system by any means. This is where cleansing comes into play.

The health of a high percentage of the world’s population has gone downhill, and that’s not solely attributed to the novel coronavirus. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, but so has poor eating habits and lack of exercise. In a time when people should be eating as healthy as possible, they are pigging out on unhealthy junk food. Not to mention, most people aren’t burning the calories they are eating because gyms and outdoor workout areas are closed.

In A.D.’s interview with SUAVV, he explains that external protection methods (social distancing, face masks, and hand washing) are beneficial, but a healthy body is the ultimate goal. The immune system is a person’s last line of defense against viruses, bacteria, or other organisms. The stronger the immune system is, the better chance it has at combatting whatever it encounters.

There’s No Better Time To Cleanse:

A.D. addresses the fact that most people are concerned about restroom usage while cleansing. First off, he wants everyone to know that the Full Body Cleanse does not have you running to the bathroom; rather, you can expect one to three bowel movements a day, which is considered healthy and normal. Since everyone is at home, there is no need to worry about restroom habits. And the grocery stores have no shortage of fruits and vegetables! You don’t have to fight for canned foods on the raw vegan diet that accompanies the Full Body Cleanse, so you’re good there.

You Can Eat Food:

When people hear the word “cleanse,” they immediately think that they have to fast for the entire time. A.D. wants to make it known that the Full Body Cleanse is not a fast. The diet is restricted in that you can only eat raw fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds, but there is no limit to the amount you can eat. As long as you adhere to the diet, you can eat as much as you like. And Dherbs does the heavy lifting for you because there are over 60 pages of cleanse-approved recipes on the website. You can view that section by clicking here.

Enjoy the full interview with SUAVV Magazine by clicking here.


Related Questions

  • Q: I would like to order the cleanse for women... my husband is doing the full body cleanse now... what do you recommend for me... ? I really need to work on my diet am vegetarian however, I feel like I truly face some of the same issues you faced during your conversion.. perhaps I need to consider going back to strictly vegan vegetables! I use to be very healthy but now I take meds for stomach pains.. etc... but I have implemented flaxseed oil into my diet .. .what is your view on flaxseed..? I found this article to very interesting that you wrote.. I have headaches from time to time also.


    We would recommend you perform the Full Body Cleanse to help remedy the sypmtoms you are experiencing. A raw foods diet is recommended while on the cleanse, so you are on the right track. Flaxseed Oil is a great product to have in your diet, as it provides healthy fats.

  • Q: A friend of mine purchased the Full Body Cleanse for me but I am a little hesitant about starting the cleanse. I am afraid that I won't be able to go through with it and that maybe I am doing it for all the wrong reasons.I used to weight 140 pounds in high school, but after I went away to college stress and poor eating habits I gained 50 pounds.I have tried a few different things and when I did not notice results I stopped them. Will it be different this time? Will I actually lose weight? I was also considering trying The Female Cleanse after the Full Body Cleanse. Would that also help with weight loss?


    If you follow the diet and take the herbs as recommended you will 100% loose weight. Not only will you be expelling toxins from your system with help of the herbs but you will also be adapting to a raw vegan diet. The diet alone will help you loose weight.
    The Female Cleanse is not design for weigh loss. If weight is what you are focused on then you should perform the Weight Release Cleanse, once you have performed the Full Body Cleanse that is. Never hesitate to call us at 866-434-3727, we would be more than pleased to walk you and guide you through the process.

  • Q: Is there such thing as, cleansing too much? From May - July I did a 40 day cleanse. The cleanse was pretty much ridding my diet of refined sugar, flour, alcohol, and animal product for much of the time. I just recently finished the Total Body Cleanse, and will be finishing my series of cleanses with the Total Woman's Cleanse. I personally feel fine, but people keep warning me about over cleansing. Also, bringing up the issue of your body being stripped of the good bacteria (along with the bad). But, I"ve taken probiotic pills (1-2) virtually everyday througout all of my cleanses. Should I be concerned with overcleansing? After this initial year of hard core cleansing, I plan to cleanse maybe once or twice a year. What are you thoughts on probiotics? Like I mentioned, I am taking pills. But I'd like to find foods that provide all that I need so I don't have to take pills.


    Many people are concerned about what happens to the beneficial intestinal flora after colonics are performed. Personally, I think many people put too much energy into worrying about something so inconsequential. If you're really worried about the beneficial intestinal flora after your colonic, you could always take a few capsules of acidophilus (acidophilus bifidus) or a liquid form of acidophilus (dairy-free, of course). I have never taken an acidophilus product after a colonic. I know Nature and my body too well. I know that my body naturally produces everything sold by man in a bottle, and that is purchased from a health food store, including beneficial flora or bacteria. I simply drink a minimum of 4 ounces of vegetable juice after my colonic sessions. If you're into carrot juice, carrot juice is just as effective as acidophilus in restoring good bacteria in the intestines. Juiced cantaloupe is even better than carrot juice in restoring the beneficial flora. Other natural substances that will help the body to repopulate beneficial flora or good bacteria in the intestines include: Blue Green algae, Spirulina, Chlorella, Irish Moss, Kelp, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Ginger, Cloves, Cayenne, Black Walnut Hull, and Carrot powder. Stop listening to these naysayers and keep doing YOU! You're on the right path!

  • Q: I have read about your detox system on your site and others. Here is the product that I am thinking about purchasing: Full Body Detox I have some questions... 1) Is there a diet plan or eating plan that comes with this order? and 2) I have 100 pounds to lose and am thinking about going on the Medifast plan. That is a high (vegetable) protein diet with no fruit and not a lot of vegetables allowed. Would these supplements in the detox plan help my organs that might be taxed a bit on this diet with very little vegetables and no fruit? I am skeptical about #2...I think raw fruits and vegetables are so important inour diets, yet, I do need to drop weight fast. I look forward to any thoughts that you might have.


    Yes, the Full Body Cleanse comes with a dietary regimen prescribing an all-raw foods diet (fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds). This means no meat, dairy, grains, or processed foods.

  • Q: I am thinking about purchasing your Full Body Cleanse program, but I am concerned about one thing... too much weight lost. I am already thin, and do not want to fade away as I think three weeks on nothing but raw fruits and veggies may leave me looking sick. What is your suggestion? Are there any foods high in protein I can eat while cleansing? Also, thank you so much for your wisdom and insight. I listen to you on Blake Radio, and one of the reasons why I am buying your product is because you speak with so much passion. There are a lot of cleaning products out there, and to be perfectly honest, I have been so overwhelmed by the products out there that I ended up not buying anything. At any rate, thank you for your time and let please let me know if you have any suggestions on keeping up my weight while I cleanse.


    If you are concerned about getting enough food while maintaining a raw foods diet over a 20-day period, make sure you are consuming plenty of healthy fats to keep you full and satiated. Avocado, Coconut Cream or Oil, Raw Nuts, Raw Seeds, are great sources of nutrients and healthy fats that will keep you from losing weight.

    To get the protein you need, you can try making a smoothie with Vegan Protein Powder.

  • Q: I know 2 people that have used the full body cleanse and the Anti Viral Kit and are now herpes free. I have recently purchased the Full Body Cleanse as well as the Anti Viral Kit. I started the Full Body Cleanse 2 days ago and I am already starting to have a breakout. Actually it is only my second outbreak ever (I had my first 4 months ago). Is it normal to have an outbreak during the detox this quick? My next question, your food guide says that you can eat raw food only during the detox. Would it be unacceptable to eat sashimi while taking the kit?



    Breakout means healing! The body is discharging via the skin, the largest channel of elimination. Keep up with the cleanse to achieve best results.

    Sashimi is not permitted in a raw foods diet, as it is fish. Read the article WHAT IS RAW FOODS on our site under ARTICLES.

    Additional food recipes are listed in our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual.

  • Q: After I finish the Full Body Cleanse, and the Anti Viral Cleanse for HSV, will I have to follow a RAW diet forever? I want to go back to my normal (healthy but cooked) food diet, which will still include a substantial amount of raw foods.


    Of course you don't have to eat RAW forever, your diet plan sounds smart and wise!

  • Q: I finished my FBD yesterday. Is it normal for people who have done detox hard to eat food I used to eat? I mean meat, fish, etc...I don't have that much appetite somehow. Is this normal? I am thinking about doing Female Cleanse in a week or so...My question is how many time do I need to cleanse my body? I understand it is depend on person but I need to find out.


    We would recommend to incorporate as many of the raw foods you ate during your cleanse into your diet post-cleanse. Try to find a balance with healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

    A person can detox 2-4 times per year to cleanse their bodies of any impurities acquired due to lifestyle and environmental factors.

  • Q: While doing a candida cleanse, it was told to me that I should be following a raw food diet full of fruits and vegetables. Fruits have high sugar content and can feed a candida overgrowth, as it is a well known fact that candida albicans thrive on sugar. How can I justify eating fruits high in sugar? Thank you for your comments. Ozzy

    A: Yes, when you have a candida issue it's best to avoid refined sugar. Sugar from a natural source like fruits should be consumed moderately. In your case it would be best to consume fruits mainly in the mornings for breakfast when your body maximizes on food the most, avoiding the ones that are very high in sugar.

  • Q: Before purchasing the Full Body Cleanse, can you tell me what raw vegetables and fruits are required on the program for eating?


    You can eat whatever raw fruits and vegetables you like or which are your favorite (and as much as you like).

  • Q: I am interested in starting the Full Body Detox program. At this time, I would like to know which program is best for me. At current, I have started removing things from my diet as of 2 weeks ago (pork, chicken, red meat, I'm trying with the fish but it's hard!) I am not eating cheese but I still eat yogurt and every now and then I will eat a boiled egg (egg whites). I have removed soda from my diet, no coffee, I drink herbal or green tea, pomegranate juice or orange juice and I drink filtered water (I have a countertop filter that I change every 6 months and the Brita pitcher that I change every 2 months). Along with the supplement, is there an eating plan that you can suggest for me? I am eating more fruits and vegetables, but I would welcome suggestions on certain foods that I can eat while I begin my cleansing.


    The Full Body Detox kit comes with a prescribed dietary plan and notifies a person what they can and cannot eat during the detox.

  • Q: I see also that you recommend a complete diet with these programs. I am guessing its a vegan diet right? I wanted to ask something on that is coconut milk and coconut oils ok for that? I personally had a very hard time trying to eat that many vegetables and many ph balance vegans seem to think fruits aren?t good either. I eat that many vegetables one it tears me up the next day and two I just cant consume enough calories that way. I can try and make up for it by eating things like almonds but I eat to many almonds I get the same problem the next day. Now coconut milk (unsweetened) and a digestive enzyme works for me for picking up extra calories.... but I hear very conflicting information about coconut and its saturated fat content. Is it ok to use daily as a part of the diet for cleansing? And your oxy-drops are those the same as the drop for ph balancing water?? Or is it something different? I am wanting to start lifting weights as I need to put on some muscle and I?m wondering if its something that would be beneficial in combating muscle soreness by increased oxygen in the body.


    The diet we recommend is vegan-based, and RAW FOODS. Fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds are ideal.

    Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil are excellent products to have in your diet. The healthy fats will keep you fuller.

    Oxy-Drops can help balance your electrolytes that need to be replenished after a workout in order to keep your body performing efficiently. 

  • Q: I am interested in your full body cleanse, but I am concerned about one thing. Will this product make me want to run to the bathroom all the time while detoxing? Should I take only when confined to home? Will I have diarrhea? Please advise or provide the specifics on my concerns.


    The Full Body Cleanse will help stimulate your bowel movements, which will most likely result in more frequent bathroom visits. You can take the cleanse and maintain your regular routine.

  • Q: I took the FULL BODY DETOX about a month ago and during my consultation with you, you suggested that I move right into the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and then the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE, but I went a couple of weeks in between the full body detox and anti viral kit. In that time, I fell back into a few bad habits, eating, lifestyle, etc. Now that I am back in the right frame of mind on the anti viral kit, I want to make sure that I haven't slowed or compromised my healing process. Do you think I should go on to the total male cleanse after the anti viral kit or go back to the full body detox, or what do you think is the best course of action for my situation?


    Beloved, I suggest you perform the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, then the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE, and then the FULL BODY DETOX! Don't worry about falling off the path! See it as taking a few steps backward in order to make a great leap ahead! Stay positive!

  • Q: I have completed the Pancreas Cleanse, and I'm finishing up the Full Body Detox, I'm very disappointed! Reason being, I thought I would have dropped a lot of the extra weight, and I didn't. I did all raw foods, and started preparing raw snacks, made with nuts and dried fruits. In fact, I think I was eating too many raw nuts. I'm still working to help my body heal from the diabetes, but not sure where to go from here. I still want to lose 35 lbs, and I will continue to eat raw at least 85% to 90%, but I need help with supplements. Where do I go from here? By the way is their any reason why, I lost more weight on the Pancreas Cleanse, instead of the Full Body Detox?


    Too many raw nuts could cause a feeling of being bloated, but nuts are pretty good to eat while detoxing. Most people don't have a problem with nuts, while cleansing. Okay, so you have diabetes and the weight is from the diabetes association, correct? It is ideal to first perform the Full Body Detox, followed by the Pancreas Cleanse. If you don't release the full 35 pounds of weight with these 2 kits, you then perform either the 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanse, or the Weight Release Cleanse. Also, whether cleansing or not, drink 2 cups of Pancreas Tea daily. If the weight (waste), is due to the diabetes then your body responded to the contents of the Pancreas Cleanse (because your body needed it), and this is a sign that you should only be performing the Pancreas Cleanse, and not the other cleanses I named above.

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    10 Day Supreme Colon Cleanse
    Pancreas Tea
    Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen
    Pancreas Cleanse and Regimen

  • Q: I just purchased the FULL BODY DETOX and I have a question. I work a full time job (office work) and a part time job (cleaning). I'm worried if I will be able to work while doing the detox, I also workout (weight lifting) and with eating raw foods and no cooked food, I'm wondering if I will make it the 3 weeks doing this. I want to detox my body but I'm wondering if I can eat anything else (fish, chicken, baked of course). Can you give me some suggestions on what I can do or do you think I can do my normal things and still be on the detox?


    The human mind can make or break you based upon its conditioning! Just take the cleanse one day at a time and FIND OUT for yourself what the reactions will be. You're all in the future worrying! One day at a time! One day at a time! Take things one day at a time. Read the article â€WHAT IS RAW FOODS†because you're asking about cooked foods and prohibited foods (animal flesh) which the kit clearly states should be avoided for 3-weeks. Always THINK positive in life about everything. Your thoughts create your reality!

  • Q: Hello, I am toward the end of Full Body Cleanse. I got my period 3 days ago..very strange thing happened. I used to have very heavy period with big blood clots...but I don't have this at all this time!! What is this mean? Does this mean that my blood is cleansing? I am happy...but I need to know what is going on. I have a fibroid. I bought fibroid formula so that I can take them after Full Body Cleanse.


    Your menstrual cycle is regulating itself as impurities and toxins are removed. Now that you are near the end of your cleanse, your body is returning to its normal, optimal state, which includes your menstrual cycle and symptoms.

  • Q: I am 27 years old, 5'7", 125 lbs. I'm in good health; I haven't had any major health problems. The only health complaint I have is horrible menstrual cycles. After coming upon your website, I've decided to make major dietary changes. I've also decided to do the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE, and I've also ordered the maintenance herbs you've suggested for after the cleanse. I'd like to begin doing the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE and the FULL BODY DETOX regularly according to the seasons. I didn't order both at the same time due to financial reasons. My plan is to do the total woman cleanse at the start of fall...the full body detox at the start of winter...then again the woman's cleanse at the start of spring...and the FULL BODY DETOX at the start of summer. Is this a good plan? Or is there a more beneficial way for me to get the results I want?


    It's a great plan and you'll love these cleanses and your body will thank you (and you can kiss those menstrual problems away as well). Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!

  • Q:

    A: No you cannot consume the supplement while on the cleanse. The cleanse has a Colon Formula that will help assist with bowel movements and your overall digestive system.

  • Q: I am currently serving in Iraq. I started your 20-day Full Body Cleanse and I have a question about diet. The food that is served to Soldiers is terrible here! The fruits and vegetables are laced with pesticides. So there really isn?t a good source of nutrition here. My question is should I continue with my detox even though I'm fighting a losing battle? I can feel the difference in my health after one week so far! Also, do you have any advice or a product that will get rid of excessive body moles? I notice that with aging, my body moles have shown up in the weirdest places and are very visual on my face, neck and upper chest.


    Don't stop detoxing due to circumstances. The herbs are fighting the pesticides. Keep doing what you're doing and you will still see the beneficial results of the cleanse.