Attention Dherbs Cleansers: A.D. Dolphin Wants To Meet You

Attention Dherbs Cleansers: A.D. Dolphin Wants To Meet You

You’ve heard him on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, seen him on The Steve Harvey Show, and now you get the chance to meet Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, at your work or home. That’s right, A.D. wants to meet you if you are cleansing or have done a cleanse in the past. Tell him how it affected your life and ask him any questions you may have.

A.D. most recently appeared on The Steve Harvey Show helping Susan Riley achieve her holiday weight loss goal. If you are trying to lose weight before the holidays or just finished a cleanse, A.D. wants to know about it. Using our submission form, you can enter to win a private meeting with A.D. He may have some tips for you to stay healthy during the holidays.

This is all taking place very soon, so it’s best to enter now! A.D. will be in Chicago from November 29th – December 2nd. He will be meeting with 2 people at his or her work or home. The interaction may be recorded and posted to the Dherbs Inc. social media profiles.

Click here to enter.

Photo Credit: Tegan Kinane/NBC & Cristina Aguirre/NBC