Dherbs CEO Helped Steve Harvey’s Friend Lose 40 Pounds

Dherbs CEO Helped Steve Harvey’s Friend Lose 40 Pounds

The Dherbs.com CEO, A.D. Dolphin, appeared on Steve TV on Monday, April 1st, 2019. Although that was April Fools Day, the transformation that Steve Harvey’s warm-up act, Rubin Ervin, experienced after using the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse is nothing to joke about. No smoke and mirrors or setting up an elaborate April Fools prank; just the pure results of a man who worked hard to better his health.

Steve knows the amazing results of the Full Body Cleanse, both from personal cleansing experience and witnessing the transformation of guests that A.D. has brought on Steve TV. Rubin also saw the amazing results of A.D.’s guests and expressed interest to begin a cleanse of his own. Steve called upon A.D., his friend and health coach, to help Rubin transition to a healthier lifestyle, and lose some weight in the process.

Rubin is the warm-up act for Steve TV and Family Feud, and aside from the desire to become a healthier person, Rubin didn’t want to be referred to as “the fat comedian” or “that fat funny guy” any longer. He wanted people to remember his name, not his weight.

Rubin doesn’t have to be ashamed of his weight any longer because he dropped an impressive 40 pounds while using the Full Body Cleanse. You have to watch the video below.

Photo courtesy of Steve TV/NBC