Dherbs CEO Runs A 5k To Raise Money For Kier’s Hope Foundation

Dherbs CEO Runs A 5k To Raise Money For Kier’s Hope Foundation

Steve Harvey recently dubbed Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin as “The King Of Weight Loss,” but A.D.’s ultimate concern is improving overall health, no matter the disease or symptoms one has to overcome. While the Full Body Cleanse is Dherbs’ most popular product, the company has many other products, informational articles, and natural alternatives/remedies for a variety of health conditions.

A.D. recently demonstrated his commitment to raising awareness for sickle cell disease by running a 5k race for Kier’s Hope Foundation in Dallas, Texas. Dherbs Inc. was a sponsor for the event, which helped to raise funds for finding a cure for sickle cell disease. With a mission to provide communities with knowledge, skills, and helpful tips to maintain good health, Kier’s Hope Foundation is focusing on long-term change instead of temporary, short-term solutions for sickle cell disease, which affects the founder, comedian Kier Spates.


Spates was born in 1979 with sickle cell disease, but there was no mandatory testing for the disease for infants at that time. All states have required newborn screening for sickle cell disease since May 1, 2006, despite recommendation to nationally implement that measure in 1987. This disease greatly affected States’ life at an early age and put financial, emotional, and physical strain on his family. After surviving two attempts to end his life, he knew that some greater force wanted him to continue on in life, even if he did not share that vision.

Since those early days, States has become a successful comedian and has made it his goal to provide resources and information to others who suffer from sickle cell disease. A.D. admired States’ tenacity and knew that he had to lend a helping hand to this admirable effort. A.D. completed the 5k race, which was held on Saturday, June 1, 2019. Hundreds of other people from all walks of life participated in the event with the common objective of raising awareness for sickle cell disease.

Photo Credit: Natural Expressions Photography