Dherbs CEO Talks Cleansing With Angela Yee On Her Lip Service Podcast

Dherbs CEO Talks Cleansing With Angela Yee On Her Lip Service Podcast

Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, recently sat down with Angela Yee for her Lip Service podcast to discuss cleansing, healthy eating, and relationships. The conversation took some wild turns, detailing how the world of cleansing fell into A.D’s lap and discussing genetically modified foods, diets in relationships, exercise, and new plant-based meat alternatives.

This isn’t the first time A.D. and Angela Yee have discussed the Full Body Cleanse. He chatted with her, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne on the Breakfast club, and Yee completed the cleanse a while back. Now that the the temptations of the holidays, football, and Valentine’s Day are behind her, she’s ready to cleanse again and hit the reset button on her health.

Many people decide to use the Full Body Cleanse to lose weight, but it is first and foremost a tool that helps to clean out the body. The herbs and accompanying raw food diet work to supply the body with essential nutrients and assist with the elimination of built-up waste and impurities. If you had a rough go of it during the holiday season, like Yee details in the podcast, you will only benefit from doing the Full Body Cleanse. You can’t harm the body by supplying it with nutrient dense fresh foods that the body can easily absorb. Listen to A.D. describe the cleanse and its benefits in the clip from the Lip Service podcast below.