Dherbs’ Favorite Highlights From The 2020 LA FitExpo

Dherbs’ Favorite Highlights From The 2020 LA FitExpo

Fitness enthusiasts rushed through the doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center at 10 a.m. on the dot on Sunday, January 26th, 2019. Determined to grab free swag, protein samples, and autographs from some of the leading names in fitness, people formed lines throughout the convention center. It was a mad house, but it was encouraging to see so many people excited about new methods of recovery, workout tools, supplements, and more.

There were hundreds of booths at the LA FitExpo, and we navigated the entirety of the complex maze. We spun some wheels to win free blender bottles, workout towels, and stickers, and we even sampled plant-based bars, electrolyte powders, monk fruit sweeteners, and breadcrumbs made from pea protein. Oh, and we can’t even get into the amount of keto-approved snacks and supplements that we saw. It’s the keto revolution!

Since our last coverage of the 2019 LA FitExpo, we know that one thing is for certain: CBD IS HERE TO STAY! We discussed the many CBD products in our last report of the LA FitExpo, and it is amazing to see what is permissible to sell now that laws changed about the distribution of CBD products. Aside from the CBD invasion, many booths focused on new recovery products, plant-based nutrition, and hydration. You can see what products we loved below.

Improve Circulation With Cupping

Before Olympian Michael Phelps generated gossip about his circular dark spots all over his body, cupping was a practice that many cultures used for muscle relaxation and detoxification. Within the past 20 years or so, cupping has become an integral recovery technique of many athletes and non-athletes alike. Whether the person is dealing with stress, digestive discomfort, poor circulation, or sore muscles, cupping therapy is a fantastic alternative medicine to help. We purchased a silicone cupping set from Lure Essentials, and they are very easy to adhere to the body by yourself. Move stagnant lymphatic fluid, decrease scar tissue, and loosen connective tissue with these cups! Lure has made it so this traditional therapy can be done by yourself whenever you need it. No scheduling appointments or special services required. Simply press them onto your skin and let the suction begin.

Personal Infrared Sauna

If you have a little extra money that you want to invest in self-care and recovery, you can with your very own personal infrared sauna. While a traditional sauna ranges from 150-180 degrees F, an infrared usually heats between 120-140 degrees F. The infrared panels on the inside help to penetrate human tissue, focusing 80% of the heat on the body and 20% of the heat on the surrounding air. One of the primary benefits of infrared saunas is that they increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, assisting with the elimination of heavy metals and built-up toxins. Infrared saunas also contribute to faster recovery, relieving inflammation or soreness and supplying muscles with increased circulation to repair.

Alkaline Water Bottle

We aren’t talking about bottled alkaline water, here. We are talking about a reusable, BPA-free, double-walled vacuum insulated water bottle that can keep water cold for up to 24 hours. Purchasing cases of alkaline water can be expensive, so you can now buy one reusable bottle, which is better for the environment, that contains an alkaline diffuser. This diffuser has alkalizing minerals that can increase filtered water to have a pH level of 9 or higher. If you fill the 32-ounce bottle a couple times a day, you will need to replace the alkaline diffuser every three months. The name of this bottle is Dyln, and the bottle is $56.

Those were the most exciting products we found at the 2020 LA FitExpo, and we can’t wait to see what the vendors show up with next year.



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