Dherbs Launches New Full Body Cleanse Boxes

Dherbs Launches New Full Body Cleanse Boxes

Dherbs Inc. recently underwent a change of labels, transitioning to a vibrant, more legible label. This is most evident on the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse and our other specialty cleanses. The driving force behind the label change was to establish a sleeker look, but also for improved legibility. The order in which you take the different formulas in our cleanses is paramount, and the new labels aid with that. 

A Quick Note

The ingredients to all of our products are exactly the same, even though the labels are different. You can read more about that by clicking here

The Full Body Cleanse remains the most popular product on the Dherbs online store. It’s been here from the company’s inception, being the flagship product that put Dherbs Inc. on the map. Now, it’s time for us to update the box in which it arrives. If you order a Full Body Cleanse, you’ll notice that the box is flatter. When you open it, the experience is more user-friendly with all the bottles set out in perfect order. You’ll find the following message inside the box upon flipping it open:

“Welcome to the Full Body Cleanse! You just opened a new, healthy chapter in your life.”

The New Full Body Cleanse Box

First of all, we want all of you to know about the new box so that you know what to expect upon receipt of the package. There will be a Dherbs sticker seal clasping the box shut. Upon opening the box, you will only see the six bottles and the pill case. Be sure to lift open that tray of bottles to find the instructional booklet and packet of activated charcoal underneath. Don’t think we forgot those items when you first open it!

We at Dherbs want to reiterate that the new Full Body Cleanse box does not mean the ingredients in the formulas are changing. The new box is simply another aspect of progression, which is an ideal that Dherbs cares for deeply. Dherbs Inc. started in a one-bedroom apartment and progressed to become of the leading online herbal supplement retailers. The path towards a healthier body is all about progression. Just like its customers, Dherbs has the desire to constantly improve, evolving as the times change.

One thing we do have to make clear is that progression doesn’t mean that you forget your roots. New labels and a new box for the Full Body Cleanse does not mean that we skimp on ingredients and quality. Dherbs maintains the same attention to detail, sourcing high quality, all-natural herbs. We keep the products free of binders, fillers, and chemical additives, all of which can harm the body. Our goal is to continuously strive for excellence, while maintaining our commitment to quality. 

Keep in mind that we are currently sending out the last remaining original Full Body Cleanse boxes. The transition to the new box may not be immediate. If you receive the new box and have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to info@dherbs.com. You can also call us at (866) 434-3727



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