Dherbs Partners With Yoga Strong For First-Ever Yoga Collection

Dherbs Partners With Yoga Strong For First-Ever Yoga Collection

Dherbs recently partnered with Yoga Strong to release a unique collection of yoga equipment. People enjoy the calming mind-body connection that stems from yoga, be they serious athletes, practiced yogis, stay-at-home moms, or teenagers. Even A.D. Dolphin, the CEO of Dherbs Inc., loves practicing yoga to keep his body in optimal physical condition. 

When people think of yoga, colored tights and flowy long sleeve tops come to mind. Yoga attire is the latest clothing trend that offers mobility, versatility, and support. People don’t often consider the importance of yoga equipment, which can play in integral role in how you engage with yoga, Pilates, recovery methods, or even HIIT workouts. That’s why Dherbs’ venture with Yoga Strong is so exciting. 

What Is Yoga Strong?

Offering supportive mats, anti-slip towels, and various recovery accessories, Yoga Strong blends elements of fashion-forward aesthetic with high performance function. Jason, CEO of Yoga Strong, experienced his fair share of injuries, as is common with most professional athletes. He he even underwent five knee surgeries. That’s when he found yoga, which helped him accelerate recovery, improving range of motion, strength, and flexibility. There was one problem: the yoga mats weren’t thick enough for his sensitive knees. That’s when the idea for Yoga Strong was born. 

The partnership with Yoga Strong is a very exciting endeavor for Dherbs. The designs on the mats, towels, and foam rollers are fun, creative, and unique. Some designs are even other-worldly! Here’s what you can expect from the primary products.

The Yoga Strong Mat

This mat is unlike any yoga mat you’ve ever done a pose on. Made from eco-friendly materials and enforced with a non-slip surface, the Yoga Strong Mat is a convergence of style and function. The moisture-wicking surface keeps you from sliding as you make your way through yoga sequences. Finally, the composite technology offers maximum support for extra comfort. 

The Yoga Strong Towel

Any yogi worth their salt knows the importance of a yoga towel. Designed with anti-slip technology, the microfiber towel can grip your mat even during the sweatiest routines. The Yoga Strong Towel is the perfect companion to the Yoga Strong Mat, and the designs add a personal flair to your yoga collection. 

The Foam Roller

Recovery is one of the most important pillars of exercise, and the Yoga Strong Roller is the accessory that can accelerate recovery time. Whether you need to warm up before a yoga class or recover after a strength training session, the Yoga Strong Roller can help keep you injury-free. Enhance your performance and reduce muscle tightness. 

This partnership with Yoga Strong is part of the forthcoming venture: Dherbs Active. It will be an athletic and workout site like you’ve never seen. It will offer yoga tutorials from Yoga Strong instructors, but it will also offer solutions that encompass the entire spectrum of wellness and exercise. The Yoga Strong products will be available on the Dherbs site very soon! Get all of the yoga equipment you need and you can be Yoga Strong.