Melody Trice Opens Up About Her Health Struggles On Steve TV

Melody Trice Opens Up About Her Health Struggles On Steve TV

A.D. Dolphin and Melody Trice appeared on Steve TV on Monday, April 23rd, 2019, to discuss how the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse helped completely turn her life around. Her most recent cleansing experience has brought her weight down to a number that she never dreamed of reaching. All she needed was a healthy plan, and a little encouragement from A.D. Dolphin.

Diet is the common denominator between a huge percentage of illnesses, the most common of which include diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer. Weight was always an obstacle that Trice couldn’t seem to hurdle, primarily because of her food addiction. As she discussed on her previous Steve TV appearance, she resorted to food to comfort herself, and this was only worsening her health. Her doctor told her that she needed to lose weight if she wanted to remain off blood pressure and diabetes medications.

Trice has been on an impressive health journey, and cleansing has helped her change the way she thinks and feels about food. No longer does she resort to food for comfort, and no longer does she need medication to manage her health. In her interview with Steve Harvey, she opens up about how her blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been and that she is not pre-diabetic anymore. This is truly an interview that you do not want to miss.

A.D. hopes to continue helping other people like Melody to naturally overcome their health issues by cleansing. Just as diet can play a role in the development of health conditions, so can it be the way you become a healthier person. Watch the video (below) to hear about Melody’s amazing health journey.

Photo Courtesy of Steve TV