Melody Trice Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss On Steve TV

Melody Trice Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss On Steve TV

A.D. Dolphin appeared with Melody Trice on Steve TV on Monday, February 25, 2019, to support Melody’s impressive body transformation. A.D. introduced Melody to the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse when he appeared on Melody’s talk show, The Melody Trice Show, several months ago. After hearing about the amazing results that people around have experienced using the Full Body Cleanse, Melody decided that she had to try it to believe it.

After conducting the interview with A.D., Melody opened up about her long-lasting addiction to food. She would resort to food for comfort and companionship, and the result was that she neglected her relationships with friends and family members. Rather than going out with friends, she would stay in and eat to fill a void. As a past soda addict, A.D. could relate and knew that he had to help, because cleansing helped him kick his soda addiction.

Since A.D.’s interview on Melody’s show, Melody has performed two Full Body Cleanses and is a completely transformed individual. With a newfound confidence and a slimmer, healthier body, Melody is proof that the Full Body Cleanse can change your life. See the clip below.

Photo Credit: Steve TV/NBC

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