Same Great Products, Brand New Look

Same Great Products, Brand New Look

Dherbs Inc. has launched brand new labels for all of its products. The new vision for the labels is inspired by symmetry, legibility, and sleekness, and the new design steps away from the labels that the company has used for the past four years. 

If you have been a Dherbs customer or supporter since the inception of the company, you know that this isn’t the first label change. As you can see in the photo below, we’ve changed our labels several times throughout the company’s history. We tried to progress with the times, editing and honing our signature style. Our last label change occurred four years ago and we felt that it was time for a new change. These new labels, which we designed with the customer in mind, are an attractive green that corresponds with our social media color scheme. 

“New labels, who dis?” is something you won’t be saying now that you know Dherbs has brand new labels for its products.
The evolution of Dherbs bottle labels

The New Label Launch

Some of our customers have already purchased items and received them with the new labels. The label shift should be complete by February 2021, but it may take longer than that, so please be patient with us during this transition. It’s possible that some products will still have our current labels until the New Year. It’s a slow process and we are working diligently to make everything as uniform as possible. We just wanted to inform all of you so that you are aware of our transition. You don’t need to fret if one product has a new label and one product has an old label, provided you order different supplements. The main thing to keep in mind is that the ingredients do not differ; the labels mark the only difference. 

New Labels, But Same Great Products

We want to be 100% transparent with all of you: the new label change does not mean that our products are changing. The ingredients are exactly the same, and you can confirm that by reading the ingredients on each individual product page. When Dherbs started, we made a commitment to ourselves and our customers to only use the highest quality ingredients. Our products do not contain binders, fillers, or chemicals additives. They are all-natural herbal products and that is what sets us apart from other companies. 

The Dherbs family has grown so much over the years and it has been an amazing support system. We wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for your loyalty, testimonials, and praise of our all-natural products. It’s our goal to grow even bigger and evolve with the times. One thing that we can guarantee is that we continually strive for excellence. Even though our labels or design may change, the constant is our commitment to all natural products. Please keep that in mind with these new labels. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our new labels, please feel free to reach out to or call us at (866) 434-3727 to speak with a representative. Thank you again for your continued support!

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