What Dherbs Learned At The Sketchers Performance Expo

What Dherbs Learned At The Sketchers Performance Expo

The Los Angeles Marathon happens annually on the third or fourth weekend in March, but the race is only half the fun. While Dherbs did not take part in the marathon, we attended the Sketchers Performance Expo, which serves as a packet pick-up opportunity for marathon runners. The expo is also open to the public, giving any and everyone the opportunity to learn about new and exciting developments in health, fitness, nutrition, and sports.

Because the Sketchers Performance Expo precedes the marathon, there are many vendors that focus on recovery methods and performance during exercise. We perused the various foam rollers and trigger point therapy tools, and we sampled a few plant-based, organic protein products. Amid all the sampling and collecting of various swag, we came across a couple products that we thought all of you should know about.


Astaxanthin is an extremely potent carotenoid pigment, which is typically found in certain species of algae or marine plants. Lately, it has been referred to as “the king of carotenoids,” becoming one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Perhaps the most significant discovery about astaxanthin is that it will never cause harmful oxidation in the body, and this is because it is not a pro-oxidant.

Fun Fact: The rich red pigmentation of astaxanthin gives algae, crabs, lobsters, Pacific sockeye salmon, krill, and red trout their vibrant color.

Working to naturally reduce free radicals in the body, astaxanthin helps to reduce the oxidative load by preventing cell oxidation. Astaxanthin’s unique molecular structure makes it a super antioxidant, but it also works to benefit eye health, skin health, joint related issues, male infertility, high cholesterol, and can even improve exercise performance. This is an exciting antioxidant, but more research needs to be done on supplementation for the aforementioned benefits.

Percussive Massage Therapy

Percussive massage therapy has rapidly ascended in popularity, due to its ability to accelerate the growth and repair of muscle tissues. Recovery is as integral as exercise because improper recovery can decrease your performance during your next workout. The rapid bursts of pressure help to maximize blood circulation, tenderize bodily tissues, and break down adhesions or internal scar tissue, all of which help to increase range of motion and accelerate recovery time. Several companies have created handheld percussive therapy devices, but they will cost you a pretty penny.

Dherbs will be covering more events like the Sketchers Performance Expo in the near future, so stay tuned for our report on the exciting advancements in the world of health and wellness.