5 Easy Spring Cleaning Shortcuts For Your Body & Home - April 2019 Newsletter

Don't let spring cleaning be a chore. Get rid of unwanted crap from your home and body with ease!

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April 2019


Spring is here! Can’t you smell it in the air? The weather is beginning to warm up, the days are getting longer, and people are going outside more often after being dormant in warm, cozy homes all winter. In addition to embracing the weather, spring is also a time clean out the mind, body, and home.

When it comes to the body, a lot of people accumulate food and emotions over the winter. In regards to general stuff, many people accrue things that they are never going to need again. Often times, people replace old items with new items, meaning that spring is a time of release and not a time to hold onto the past. Just as the clocks spring forward, so must we.

Let’s invite more light and clarity into our lives this spring and cleanse the body, mind, and home. To help you get started, we have a few suggestions that you should take advantage of.

Always take advantage of a recipe that contains an array of different colored vegetables. That means you’ll be eating a ton of antioxidants!

Jerk chicken isn’t on the menu for anyone who is cleansing, but these jerk marinated mushrooms are! They have all the right kind of spice!

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This Microgreen May Protect Cells Against Cancer

Containing more vitamin C than oranges and more iron that spinach, watercress has a peppery crunch and is incredibly low in calories. Recent studies have indicated that regular consumption of watercress can help cells resist free radical damage, which helps to protect against cancer. A mere four ounces of watercress packs a day’s worth of potassium as well. Overall, watercress is a powerful little green that is beneficial for the entire body.


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