Anxiety And Autumn: Why You Feel More Stressed - Nov. 2022 Newsletter


Here's How To Beat Autumn Anxiety

Autumn Anxiety

Pool time and long days of sunshine near extinction as we make our way deeper into the autumn season. Kids are back in school, spooky season is in full swing, and the holidays are lurking around the corner. If you feel more anxious during fall, you aren’t alone because autumn anxiety is a real thing. Since there is no singular external trigger, autumn anxiety is unlike other forms of anxiety; rather, it tends to occur annually when fall rolls around. 

Experts point out that one of the primary causes of autumn anxiety is that there is less daylight, which decreases serotonin levels. The increase in melatonin, which is attributed to the darker days, also increases feelings of sleepiness and depression. Fortunately, you can tame autumn anxiety by identifying what your personal triggers are. Put a plan in place to manage these triggers before they overwhelm you. Click below to beat anxiety this fall. 


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