Are These The Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight? - March 2019 Newsletter

Are you trying to lose weight? These causes may explain why the pounds are not falling off.

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March 2019


After starting a new diet or exercise program, the first thing that people do is head for the scale with high hopes of a decrease in body weight. Some people’s efforts yield successful weight loss results, but many others don’t seem to budge the scale. They are left frustrated, wondering why their hard work and newly adopted healthy habits have not paid off. So what’s up?

Depending on the diet, it’s possible that portions are too large, exceeding the number of calories that you should be eating. It might be time to stop eyeballing and start measuring correct portion sizes. If you are regularly exercising and not losing weight, you may not be working out as hard as you think you are, i.e. not maintaining a consistent heart rate to assist with weight loss. What if you followed your dietary and workout programs exactly as they were detailed? Your program may not be inhibiting your weight loss; rather, the culprit may be an underlying health condition or medication.

Leave the pints of ice cream in the grocery store because you have this recipe now and it's dangerously delicious. Make it and you’ll understand why we are in love.

If you are tired of eating salads and want a meal that will make you appreciate the possibilities of raw food, you need to try these wraps.

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Are Watermelon Seeds The Secret To Healthy Digestion?

The fact that watermelon seeds have health benefits is pretty ironic, considering that everyone is always looking to get rid of them. Most people opt for seedless watermelons for the no-hassle aspect. Rich in fiber and other nutrients, watermelon seeds are a great digestive aid. They actually boost the entire digestive system when they pass through the digestive tract, and can help eradicate intestinal parasites from your system. Don’t just pop them in your mouth and swallow them, though. You do have to cook them, roast them, or grind them up to reap their benefits. Another great way to make use of watermelon seeds is to brew them into a tea. This remedy is great for those with urinary tract infections (UTIs), or for people with kidney stones.


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