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October 2017

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7-Day Raw Food Challenge: Are You Ready?

Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button on life. With all the toxins that the body absorbs, be it through food, the environment, water, beauty products, or hygiene products, you can become overwhelmed to the point where you feel sluggish and unhealthy. Don’t let yourself be weighed down! Instead, take part in a raw food challenge to completely rejuvenate your body.

How do you go about starting a raw food challenge? It can be difficult, provided you don’t have the correct information. Our cleanses require you to maintain a raw foods diet and a lot of people misinterpret what is actually allowed on the diet. While it may be difficult for most Americans, the raw food diet is a chance to take a break from all the junk they continually put in their bodies and focus on foods that are beneficial.

One of the biggest misconceptions about a raw foods diet is that you can’t eat anything, or that the food you will be eating tastes bland. Raw foods are not flavorless. Fresh herbs and a diverse spice cabinet, along with some bold flavor combinations, will make your food taste just like the food you are used to eating.

Are you ready to commit to one week of raw foods? Accept the challenge and cleanse your system!

We have more exciting news!

If you participate in this challenge, you will be entered to win a Free 10-Day Full Body Cleanse Express.

In order to win, you must:

1. Post pictures of your meals on social media every day of the challenge.

2. Make sure to tag us on:

  • Instagram @dherbs and use #dherbs7dayrawfoodchallenge
  • Facebook @dherbsfamily and use #dherbs7dayrawfoodchallenge

Winner will be selected on November 1st. 

Click below for the raw guidelines.

Raw Parmesan Cheese? Oh So Tasty And Super Easy To Make!
If you are missing cheese in your salads while cleansing, try dusting them with some of this raw Parmesan cheese. You'll love it!
Raw Banana Chocolate Nice Cream
Sometimes you just need a little sweetness in your life. You don't need processed ice creams when you can make tasty desserts like this one. 
Why You Need Apples In Your Life This Fall
Apples are one of our favorite fall produce items, especially because there are so many varieties to try. These crisp and juicy fruits are filled with fiber and a lot of polyphenols, which help to naturally lower bad cholesterol levels. Because apples are rich in vitamin C, they also help to boost the immune system. To help diversify your apple selection this fall, click here to see some of our favorite apple varieties. 
Weight Release Formula
Designed for helping you to maintain a healthy, desired weight, our Weight Release Formula helps to support a healthy metabolism by nourishing the thyroid gland. It also helps you to regulate your appetite. This is also beneficial for those who want to extend the success they experienced on the Full Body Cleanse. 
Pregnancy Cleanser
Prostate Formula
Uterus Formula

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