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April 2017

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How Cleansing Can Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

One of the most common questions we get asked at Dherbs is whether or not the Full Body Cleanse can help lower blood pressure. Since high blood pressure affects 1 in every 3 American adults, it makes sense that we get asked if the cleanse can help. The short answer is: yes, it does, but the person has to be willing to actively make lifestyle changes and follow the cleanse and diet regimen.

It is hard to attribute high blood pressure to one particular cause, but a poor diet filled with a lot of salt is near the top of the list. On average, Americans consume over 3,400mg of sodium per day, which exceeds the recommended 2,300mg amount. For those with high blood pressure, the recommended daily amount of sodium is 1,500mg. When someone with high blood pressure is cleansing, the amount of salt he/she eats is extremely minute, which helps naturally lower the body’s sodium content. Just to give you a relatable figure, 1 teaspoon of salt equals 2,300mg of sodium and 1,500mg of sodium is just over ½ teaspoon.

In the Beginning of the Cleanse:

When someone with high blood pressure begins the Full Body Cleanse, it is better to completely stay away from salt, even if it is sea salt. The reason for this is because you body has to reduce the amount of sodium that is in it. During this process is attempting to naturally regulate blood pressure. This means that the person may experience dips or spikes in blood pressure. The important thing is to remain calm and realize that the body is relearning what it knew how to do prior to taking medication.

Herbs That Pull Sodium & Processed Foods From Body:

The formulas in the Full Body Cleanse which are most beneficial to people with high blood pressure are...

Help Lower Your Blood Pressure With This Nutritious Salad
This is a different yet tasty approach to eating Brussels sprouts, which are loaded with vitamin K, potassium, manganese, copper, and B-complex vitamins. The potassium content is great for those with high blood pressure. 

Sweeten Your Day With This Creamy, Raw Chocolate Spread

This vegan and gluten-free spread satisfies your sweet tooth and is filled with a bunch of nutrients too! Spread it on fruit for a healthy dessert.  
The Cancer Killer Medical Companies Don't Want You To Know About
Soursop is a Caribbean fruit with a sweet, milky flesh. A lot of people use this fruit to make juices, smoothies, or sorbets in Caribbean, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and Polynesia. This fruit has a wide variety of health benefits, including antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can fight fungal and bacterial infections. Since cancer can weaken the immune system, consuming this fruit can give you an immunity boost. 

Our Jackrabbit Formula contains all-natural herbs that are formulated to support healthy a healthy male reproductive system and sexual organs and without the toxicity or side effects of some chemical products.

Pancreas Formula
Bunny Rabbit
Central Nervous System Formula


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