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As an adult, Drugs are technically designed to treat, cure or prevent disease. The challenge is that drugs aren't laser beams. They're more like shot guns.
Instead of exclusively targeting of the disease or condition, drugs can have residual impact that are commonly referred to as "side-effects" or "contraindications." Because each individual is unique, there's no way to know how a drug will affect someone until they actually take it. Side effects can be so severe that they actually create a bigger problem than the one you want to treat.
Children are especially at risk of side effects, not just physically, but developmentally as well. In the case of ADD/ADHD, the drugs don't cure the condition; they simply treat the symptoms.
As a parent, you need to ask yourself if giving your ADD/ADHD child drugs is the appropriate solution.

Mexican Green Chile Black Bean Burger


Craving a burger like crazy? Make these flavorful veggie burgers packed with black beans, corn, spices, and herbs. Don’t knock the veggie burger until you’ve tried it!

Red Cabbage Juice


It helps in restoring and protecting one of the most important organ in our body...the heart.

Food Fact & Trivia


Glow in the dark drink
The quinine (a substance that was banned to treat leg cramps) in tonic water causes it to glow a bright blue under a black light.

Health Tip


Put Your Dirtiest Foot Forward

If your ankles, knees, and hips ache from running on pavement, head for the dirt. Soft trails or graded roads are a lot easier on your joints than the hard stuff. Also, dirt surfaces tend to be uneven, forcing you to slow down a bit and focus on where to put your feet – great for agility and concentration.


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Eye Kit



The Eye Kit is created with the intention of helping the body maintain, restore, and fend off any pending eye issues. It includes six distinct formulas that are created to help nourish, repair, and strengthen the eyes.









Central Nervous

System (CNS)





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Vegan Protein



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