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JULY 2014


The main secrets to a healthy life are:

1. Be thankful.



2. Bless the lives of others.



3. Healthy people serve others while the unhealthy are too often consumed with themselves and their own problems.



4. Learn to forgive and let go, so you can get on with your life. Many studies have now shown that forgiving enhances health and helps prevent chemical changes in the body that may lead to disease.



5. Live in harmony with those around you. Be a peacemaker.



6. Learn to accept whatever decision is made. Do your best to keep your peace of mind. Peace is a healer.



7. Learn from your mistakes and allow others to do the same. Don't stand over people and supervise every move. Learn to give others the opportunity to grow and grow up.



8. Don't talk about your misfortunes or illnesses. It doesn't do any good for you or the other person you tell, and it presents an opportunity for them to do the same to you. Save it for your doctor. He's paid to listen to your problems.



9. Don't gossip. Gossip that comes through the grapevine is usually sour grapes. Be a person who speaks for the one who can not.



10. Spend 10 minutes a day meditating on how you can become a better person. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Listen to and follow your conscience.


Black Bean and Squash Burrito


These burritos have a kick of heat to them (that you can control yourself) and a light sweetness thanks to the butternut squash. The filling is so good you can eat

it on its own.

Heartbeat Juice


It helps in restoring and protecting one of the most important organ in our body...the heart.

Food Fact & Trivia


A Little Something Extra in Your Mushrooms
Canned mushrooms, is allowed to have up to 19 maggots per 100 grams of mushrooms (that's drained weight). That same portion can acceptably contain up to 74 mites [source: FDA].
The lesson is: Eating maggots may gross you out, but it's not gonna hurt you. (So says the FDA, at least.) 

Health Tip


The Cancer Fighting Soursop

Studies have shown Soursop can target & kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung & pancreas. The tree compounds proved to be up to 10,000X stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells than common chemo drugs.


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Our Smoke-Less Formula is a combination of herbs traditionally used to aid in the process of quitting smoking by lowering the cravings for man made chemicals. This formula also helps to purify the bloodstream of pollutants and toxins; cleanses and nourishes the liver and respiratory system.









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Fibroid Formula




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Menstrual Flow





The secret of getting ahead
is getting started. The
secret of getting started
is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into
small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.
               - Mark Twain



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