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The entrance of the Ebola virus into the USA has caught the attention of almost everyone. First appearing in 1976 in an outbreak near the Ebola River in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, the virus was originally transmitted through direct contact with infected wild, tropical animals such as fruit bats, monkeys, and gorillas, then further spread through direct human-human contact (through broken skin or mucus membranes). Ebola’s reputation as an acute, serious illness with fatal implications has triggered varied responses from US residents on how to deal with the consequences of the virus’ entry into US soil.
Risk Factors
While the risk of contracting the Ebola virus is generally low for most people, you must be aware of potential risk factors that can increase your chances of acquiring the virus.
1) If you travel to Africa. Ebola viruses are generally concentrated in Africa.
2) If you are a health-care worker that treats patients associated with areas or people stricken by Ebola
3) If you conduct research on wild animals. Wild animals imported from Africa may be virus carriers.
4) If you prepare someone for burial who has died of Ebola for burial. Their bodies are still contagious.

“Sneak In The Veggies”

Incredible Pasta Sauce


A sauce filled with vegetables? This fabulous homemade vegan tomato pasta/pizza sauce was the result of that thought. You can't tell for a moment it is packed with vegetables!

Chard Black And

Blue Smoothie


This smoothie is utterly loaded with antioxidants, looks gorgeous, and tastes like a treat!

Food Fact & Trivia


Colonial Time & Pineapples
In colonial times, pineapples were
so rare and costly that they were rented to households by the day for centerpieces for entertaining.

Health Tip


Chemicals And The Skin
Up to 60% of products used on the skin are absorbed and deposited into the circulatory system. Putting chemicals on the skin is actually much worse than ingesting them.
When food is ingested, the enzymes in saliva and the stomach help break it down and flush the waste products out of the body. The ingredients in lotions, makeup, soaps, gels, or whatever is put on the skin can affect health. One class of chemicals that can be dangerous are parabens, which have been found in breast tumor samples. Another chemical, sodium lauryl sulfate, can cause skin irritation.


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