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Chia seeds have been a staple food source for the American Native people for centuries (long before the Chia Pet hit the market). Aztec warriors would eat chia during hunting trips, and the Indians of the Southwest would eat only chia seed mixed with water as they ran from the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean to trade products.
Chia seed is a complete source of dietary protein, providing all the essential amino acids. Compared to other seeds and grains, chia seed provides the highest source of protein, between 19 to 23 percent protein by weight. One of the unique qualities of the chia seed is its ability to absorb more than nine times its volume in water or other liquid. This ability can prolong hydration and retain electrolytes in body fluids, especially during exertion or exercise. Normal fluid retention ensures electrolyte dispersion across cell membranes, maintains fluid balances, and aids normal cellular function.
The gel-forming property of chia seed tends to slow digestion and sustain balanced blood sugar levels, which can be helpful in preventing or controlling diabetes. Whole, water-soaked chia seeds can be easily digested and absorbed. This results in rapid transport of chia nutrients to the tissues for use by the cells. Chia also facilitates the growth and regeneration of tissue during pregnancy and lactation, and aids the regeneration of muscles for conditioning athletes and bodybuilders. For the dieter, this means feeling full with no more peaks and valleys in blood sugar levels.

No Chicken

Vegan Pad Thai


It's meant to have a rockin' sauce with cilantro, mung beans and crushed peanuts perched atop! Yum! This No Chicken Vegan Pad Thai has all that.

Vitamin E Boost


The majority of vitamin E's benefits stem from its antioxidant qualities. That means it combines with oxygen and destroys free radicals. It protects oxygen-sensitive compounds such as vitamin A from being destroyed by damaging oxidation reactions.

Food Fact & Trivia


The Accidental Tea Bag
Tea bags were first developed around 1908, Thomas Sullivan, a New York tea merchant, started to send samples of tea to his customers in small silken bags. Some assumed that these were supposed to be used in the same way as the metal infusers, by putting the entire bag into the pot, rather than emptying out the contents. It was thus by accident that the tea bag was born!

Health Tip


Paprika For Beauty

Paprika is loaded with antioxidants as well as essential vitamins & minerals that can keep your body healthy. Its vitamin A plays a crucial role in maintenance of healthy skin, prevents the occurrence of wrinkles, & promotes a bright complexion. Used topically it can help improve skin giving it a glowing effect. Paprika is rich in vitamin B6, which helps in preventing hair loss. It also contains substantial amount of iron, which facilitates the transfer of oxygen to the hair follicles.


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"There are two types of pain you will go through in life:
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Discipline weighs ounces while regret weights tons."
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Cell booster contains a blend of herbs, particularly ones with antioxidant properties, which are intended to fight toxins, wastes, and free radicals, helping the cells of your body better respond to oxidative stress, allowing them to regenerate.









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