Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bed To Change Your Life - November 2018 Newsletter

Use apple cider vinegar to help balance pH levels, fight sore throats, and promote healthy gut bacteria.

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November 2018



We know that you have probably read or heard about the benefits of apple cider vinegar by now. ACV, as it is commonly referred to, has an acidic taste, but people have learned to stomach the flavor to reap the amazing health benefits. Frequent consumption of ACV with water and lemon juice has been linked to healthier gut flora, balanced pH levels, and clearer skin.

A lot of online videos and health blogs advocate sipping some ACV in water before breakfast. They aren’t wrong, but not enough attention gets paid to the benefits of drinking ACV before bed. Not everyone is ready for an ACV tonic in the morning, but people can be more open to it at night. Additionally, the body can process it while you are sleeping and you can wake up with some amazing benefits. Click below for more information.


Whether you are on a beta-carotene kick or trying to incorporate pumpkins into your diet, this creamy pumpkin soup is exactly what you need.


Get your crunch on with this Thai-inspired salad! It’s the perfect low-calorie meal that is filled with a wide variety of antioxidants.


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Maca: A Natural Way To Boost Energy Levels

Maca has been revered as a superfood for thousands of years because of its ability to aid learning, boost stamina and libido, and enhance fertility. Maca has been classified as an adaptogen, which is a substance that can help the body handle stress. Maca has been used to help increase physical stamina for hundreds of years. Science has backed these historical claims by revealing that maca helps to enhance performance and energy during physical exercise, specifically endurance exercise. It also helps to lower oxidative stress!


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