Eat These Superfoods To Improve Circulation - April 2018 Newsletter

Improving your circulation is as easy as eating these 6 awesome superfoods. Find out what they are.

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April 2018



We are going to guess that not a lot of people think about their blood when they sit down for a meal. People may consider foods that are beneficial for the heart, digestive system, or joints, but the blood never gets the attention it deserves. Healthy blood circulation is an important part of maintaining body temperature, and proper blood flow is needed for digestion, heart health, energy, and healthy pH levels. 

If you’ve heard the phrase, “get your blood flowing” in regards to exercise, that’s because it does exactly that. You can help improve blood circulation through your diet too! Most people need help boosting circulation in their feet and lower legs, so click below to find out which foods are best for healthy circulation.


Everyone says that carrots are good for your eyes, but they are extremely beneficial for your skin. Drink this juice to have healthier skin.


Get a little taste of pecan pie while you are cleansing with these healthy snacks. Eating a few of these helps you stay full and energized.


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Chia Seeds: A Complete Plant Protein Superstar

Chia seeds contain the nine essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own, making them a complete plant-based protein. In fact, chia seeds have the highest amount of protein when compared to other seeds and whole grains. They can also absorb nine times their volume in liquid, which ultimately helps your body retain electrolytes.


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Pancreas Formula

This herbal supplement is intended to help your pancreas cleanse itself of waste while retaining vital nutrients, which can help you maintain optimal levels of pancreatic health. The Pancreas Formula also contains herbs that can help support normal kidney functions.


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