Here's Why Immunity Should Be Your Number One Priority - March 2020 Newsletter

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March Newsletter 2020

The body is exposed to countless toxins on a daily basis, and failure to eliminate these toxins from the body can decrease your ability to effectively fight off viruses or bacteria. Given that the coronavirus has crossed international borders, building up immune strength could help keep your body safe and virus-free.

The immune system cannot function optimally if there are built-up toxins in your system. It becomes activated when it recognizes antigens, toxins, or foreign substances in the body. Given that most Western diets contain processed ingredients, antibiotics, added hormones, and artificial flavors and sugars, the immune system can interpret these as threats, which is the common cause of chronic inflammation. When you eliminate these toxins from the body, the immune system has a better chance of fighting off viruses. Click below to read more about how to boost immune health.

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Anti-V Formula is formulated with botanicals designed to help strengthen your immune system’s ability to avert and combat damaging elements in your surroundings.
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Our Seasonal Formula contains a natural blend of botanicals designed to help cleanse your body, maintain and support your immune system and helps the body to deal with external and internal irritants.

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